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George St-Pierre Responds To Nate Diaz Call Out To Fight Nick Diaz

George St-Pierre Responds To Nate Diaz Call Out To Fight Nick Diaz

Diaz returned to the octagon after three years and after his win urged GSP to come out of retirement to face his brother Nick in a rematch.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

George St-Pierre has responded to Nate Diaz's call for him to come out of retirement and continue his rivalry with Nate's brother Nick Diaz.

Three years after his loss to Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz returned to beat Anthony Pettis and after the fight he was concentrating on another return.

The Stockton fighter wants GSP to return to fight his brother Nick, six years after they last fought. Speaking after his win over Pettis, the younger Diaz said, "Georges St-Pierre is a scary-ass. I am not trying to pick on some guy who has done and over with, But If he still gonna fight ever, he and Nick should step up in the game and get it done like it's supposed to be done."

Now GSP, considered by many as the greatest UFC fighter of all time, has responded to the call-out. Speaking to Chael Sonnen, the Canadian said, "I don't know what to say... he's one of my biggest adversaries. Even if we only fought once, we are very different personalities. I think that's why the clash of the personalities makes it very interesting.

"But I'm retired now, I don't want to go back and fight.

"I don't want to fight his brother, Nick Diaz, it's not interesting for me. There's nothing I can gain from that. The risk is not worth the reward.

"There's nothing good that can come out of it, even if I win. I think the odds will favour me and expect me to win, and if I lose it will be a complete disaster.

"I don't want to put myself into another training camp and make all the sacrifices of a three-month training camp for that type of fight. It's not worth it for me."

St-Pierre had his own break from the octagon. He fought Johnny Hendricks in November 2013 and didn't return till beating Michael Bisping for the UFC middleweight title in November 2017.

After beating Bisping the 38-year-old decided to finally call it a day from the sport and vacated the title, ending his career with a 26-2 record and getting wins back against the only two men to have beaten him, Matt Hughes and Matt Serra.

GSP beat Bisping in his final fight before retirement. Image: PA Images
GSP beat Bisping in his final fight before retirement. Image: PA Images

The elder Diaz, whose loss to GSP was the penultimate fight in his career to date, hasn't fought since 2015 when his 'defeat' to Anderson Silva was turned into a 'no contest' because of the Brazilian failing a drugs test.

Nick has since faced two bans relating to drugs, one for failing a test for marijuana and another for three times failing to tell USADA of his whereabouts.

It looks like fans won't get to see this rematch.

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