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Joe Rogan Predicts Dillon Danis Vs. Jake Paul Street Fight

Joe Rogan Predicts Dillon Danis Vs. Jake Paul Street Fight

Jake Paul would have his 'knees torn apart' if he got involved in a fight with Conor McGregor's teammate Dillon Danis, according to Joe Rogan.

YouTuber Jake Paul had really turned up the heat on Conor McGregor in the past couple of weeks, as he attempts to force the Irishman into a boxing fight with him.

As well as calling McGregor out directly on Instagram and following only the Irishman's fiancee on social media, the 2-0 boxer attacked the UFC star's teammate Danis in the street with water balloons.


Paul threw the balloons from his car and drove off as the MMA fighter ran towards him, and UFC commentator and podcast star Rogan reckons that's because the jiu jitsu expert would destroy the 23-year-old.

"Dillon Danis ran up to him and he sped away," Rogan noted on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, "Why didn't he get out and fight him?

"Let me tell you something, Dillon Danis gets ahold of you, you're either getting your arms broken, you're neck strangled off-your head's going to get popped like a zit-[or] he's going to rip your knees apart. There's not a f**king chance in the world [Paul would beat Danis in a street fight].

"Dillon Danis is a world class grappler. Top of the food chain."


Danis himself clearly agrees as he took to Twitter to post the video of Rogan's assessment.

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Joe Rogan Calls Jake & Logan Paul "Legitimate Tough Guys" In Show Of Respect

Joe Rogan Calls Jake & Logan Paul "Legitimate Tough Guys" In Show Of Respect

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Paul's two wins as a professional boxer have come against a fellow YouTuber, on brother Logan's undercard for the fight against KSI, and against former NBA star Nate Robinson, on the undercard of the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr exhibition.

But he is desperate to step up in opposition in the ring and, rather than attempting to fight any actual boxers, he has gone after MMA stars.


Michael Bisping, Ben Askren, Yoel Romero and even two weight women's champion Amanda Nunes have been part of some callout or other from the American, amongst others.

Where Danis is concerned the YouTuber, like with McGregor, has targeted his personal life, calling the 27-year-old's ex and posting a video of it.

Whether or not the constant goading by Jake Paul works out or not is yet to be seen, although McGregor still has his fight with Dustin Poirier to get through first and is yet to comment on the nonsense.


Even Jake's brother Logan, who is set to fight Floyd Mayweather despite being 0-1 in his boxing career, thinks the call outs are 'dumb.'

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