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A Year Ago Today: Conor McGregor Attacked Bus Carrying UFC Fighters

A Year Ago Today: Conor McGregor Attacked Bus Carrying UFC Fighters

Time flies.

Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare

A year ago today, Conor McGregor stormed a press conference looking for Khabib Nurmagomedov who confronted his teammate, Artem Lobov, during fight week - the rest is history.

McGregor flew stateside to defend his mate, along with his entourage, but his actions turned ugly very, very quick.

He attacked a bus carrying UFC fighters, putting a window through with a bloody dolly, injuring Michael Chiesa in the process.

He sustained a cut to his head, subsequently withdrawing from his bout with Anthony Pettis, and the injury suffered was soon revealed through UFC Embedded.

Not to mention showing more footage of McGregor, and his 'goons', causing mayhem.

McGregor was later charged with assault and criminal mischief by the New York Police Department after he was involved in the incident outside of the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn.

It was then revealed that his bail of $50,000 was reportedly paid for by Dillon Danis, his teammate and friend.

The incident all stemmed from an incident involving Khabib Nurmagomedov, who was filmed cornering Artem Lobov, who is a teammate of McGregor's, earlier in the week and that clearly angered McGregor.

But his actions on the Thursday night were deemed a step too far by many.

Here is the incident that sparked the bus incident, involving Khabib and Lobov:

After he smashed up the bus containing Khabib and a number of other fighters, he later handed himself in to the police, where he was contained from the early hours of Friday morning.

Finally, he emerged with footage showing him being walked out, potentially still in handcuffs

After McGregor's mayhem, UFC Embedded captured Nurmagomedov's immediate reaction.

"Send me a location. I'm going to come. Wherever you want. Ireland, New York, Brooklyn or Moscow. It doesn't matter. Tell me where!"

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