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Joe Rogan Claims Gay And Trans People Are 'Most Vicious' Supporters Of Cancel Culture In Explosive Rant

Adnan Riaz

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Joe Rogan Claims Gay And Trans People Are 'Most Vicious' Supporters Of Cancel Culture In Explosive Rant

Joe Rogan ruthlessly launched a scathing attack on transgender and gay people by accusing them of being the "most vicious" champions of cancel culture.

Mediaite reports that the 53-year-old UFC legend claimed that gay and trans people are "angry" and have "been bullied."


Joined by American comedian Shane Gillis for The Joe Rogan Experience episode, Rogan added that trans and gay people are 'coming' for those who are not part of the LGBT community.

"You know what the thing that's going on with the left -- a lot of it is, they're being bullies and a lot of the people that are progressive, that are really like open-minded, unfortunately, there is a lot of people on the left that were bullied by a***eholes when they were young," he said.

Gillis told Rogan that he had been bullied himself, but the 33-year-old claimed that it was "not a mean one."

Rogan said: "So now they have serious resentment and want to go after the people."

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Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Gillis called out "nerd rage" and suggested it was the "meanest and saddest rage."

Rogan said: "It's also people that -- they don't have a lot of love in their life. If they do have love, it's like, very conditional and it's very precarious."

The UFC colour commentator staunchly defended his claims by insisting that he was making "mass generalisations about huge swaths of people."

However, the outspoken Rogan claimed it was a "personality trait that they have" and accused those gay and transgender people on the left as "completely uncompassionate."

"Most of those people have experienced deep pain in their life. It's that old expression hurt people hurt people. That's why the cancel culture coming from the left is so vicious," he explained.

Rogan added: "The most vicious s**t is coming from like transgender people or gay people."

Credit: The Joe Rogan Experience
Credit: The Joe Rogan Experience
Credit: The Joe Rogan Experience
Credit: The Joe Rogan Experience

Gillis questioned what they are "all fired up about," which prompted Rogan to suggest that they have "been bullied."

The stand-up comedian said: "Yeah, they're all fired up. What are they all fired up about?"

Rogan insisted that trans and gay people have been "picked on" and now accused them of targeting others.

"They've been bullied. They're angry. They've been picked on. So, when something happens -- they come for you," he said.

Rogan has previously been accused of transphobia and sparked backlash over his comments on transgender former MMA fighter Fallon Fox.

Human Rights Campaign president Alphonso David also accused the podcast host of "[attacking] transgender people, gay men, women, people of colour and countless marginalised groups at every opportunity."

David's comments came after Rogan put forward his endorsement for Senator Bernie Sanders' second -- and failed -- bid to become the Democratic Party's nominee for the 2020 US presidential election.

Featured Image Credit: The Joe Rogan Experience/PA

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Adnan Riaz
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