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Khabib Nurmagomedov Reacts To Conor McGregor Punching Old Man In Dublin Bar

Khabib Nurmagomedov Reacts To Conor McGregor Punching Old Man In Dublin Bar

Khabib Nurmagomedov has said Conor McGregor should go to jail after he was caught on camera punching an elderly man in a bar in Dublin.

The incident took place at The Marble Arch Pub in Dublin on April 6 and came after a dispute over whiskey, according to widespread reports.

McGregor walked in and lined up drinks for bar patrons, but the situation turned extremely sour when the bloke refused his drink, which prompted the UFC star to throw a punch at his head.


His arch rival Nurmagomedov has now reacted to the incident, and the UFC lightweight champion made his feelings known on the matter.

"This is a really, really bad thing," the Russian superstar said about the shocking footage which appeared online yesterday.


"Even if the old guy like this guy in the video punches your face 10 times... you can't punch this guy's face. You can't. This is like impossible.

"We have to respect old people, I don't understand. One fan sent me a message, he said 'Hey, you remember when he tried to give you his whiskey, like alcohol, and you don't take this? But why don't he punch you?' But now he goes crazy with old people? I don't understand this.

"People like this have to go to jail," he added.

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"(In) my opinion, he has to see a little bit jail, because when something happens and you see jail and you sit a little bit and think about this, OK what I did, why I sit here. He has to think about this.


"I don't want to say nothing to him. I just want to say Ireland's government, where are you guys? Send him location! That's it.

"Today he punches an old guy. What's going to happen tomorrow? Nobody knows this."

On Thursday, UFC president Dana White weighed in on the incident when he appeared on 'The Jim Rome Show' to promote this weekend's UFC 241.


"That happened in April. I knew that happened; they just got the video. It's pretty bad," White said.

"Not allegedly, it's pretty clear [it's him]. So, apparently this was in a pub in Ireland and it was an argument over whiskey. Conor has a whiskey now and it was an argument over the whiskey and Conor reaches out and hits him with a left hook.

"I don't know the context of it. I don't know the entire story, but he punches a guy, an older man, in the face.

"I knew that he had, had an altercation at a bar but I didn't know with who or any of that, I didn't know anything, I just knew it happened," he added.


According to the UFC, Dublin police investigated the incident, but no charges have been pressed.

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