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Mike Tyson’s Ex-Coach Trained Francis Ngannou To Throw Hook Which Knocked Out Stipe Miocic

Mike Tyson’s Ex-Coach Trained Francis Ngannou To Throw Hook Which Knocked Out Stipe Miocic

Teddy Atlas showed the UFC heavyweight champ exactly what he needed to do.

Alex Reid

Alex Reid

Amazing footage shows Francis Ngannou learning the exact short left hook he used to knock out Stipe Miocic with Mike Tyson's former boxing coach.

Teddy Atlas, who assisted with the young Tyson's early training, is shown inside the Octagon with Ngannou - refining the now UFC heavyweight champion's punching technique.

Ngannou, who's childhood hero was Iron Mike, displays absolute concentration as Atlas physically adjusts his alignment and talks him through the perfect punch delivery.

"Snap the shoulder," instructs Atlas, who explains to the French-Cameroonian that the secret to the hook is not loading up with all his power, but creating a short, surprising, explosive punch. The exact sort Tyson used to KO foes at his peak.

"It's like having a gun," says Atlas of Ngannou's natural punch power. "The bullet is already in the chamber. You don't have to load it up. It's already here," he says, slapping Ngannou's arm.

The short left hook is exactly the punch that did for Miocic in the second round of Ngannou's title win on Saturday in Las Vegas. Ngannou hurt the 38-year-old with his left and they were exchanging blows, when 'The Predator' fired in a pinpoint left hook just like the one he's working on with Atlas.

Miocic collapsed to the mat and, while the follow-up hammer-fist came from Ngannou, the fight was essentially already over.

Atlas has trained 18 world champion boxers over his 40-year career and, while he's a colourful and controversial character given to outlandish statements, it's clear that he knows what he's talking about when it comes to the art of delivering a knockout blow.

Of course, MMA fans might point out that Ngannou needs little help in the power department.

The 34-year-old was already riding a spectacular, four-fight knockout streak even before he demolished Miocic - who'd won their previous fight by decision - to take the UFC title.

However if Ngannou is still keen to improve and work on his punching power, it's scary to think just how much damage the heavyweight division's new king can deliver.

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