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Logan Paul Sends Message To Dana White After Brother Jake Called Him A 'Bald B****'

Logan Paul Sends Message To Dana White After Brother Jake Called Him A 'Bald B****'

Logan Paul wants Dana White to know he's not like his outspoken younger brother Jake.

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

Logan Paul has sent a message to Dana White after his brother Jake called him a "bald b****" in one of his many call-outs that riled up the MMA community.

Following on from his brutal knockout of former NBA basketball player Nate Robinson in November, the younger Paul has been calling out just about everyone in MMA, including Conor McGregor, Michael Bisping, Nate Diaz, Dillon Danis and Ben Askren.

UFC president White was also insulted by the younger, more outspoken Paul sibling and caused him to react on the Shout! podcast by saying, "Neither one of those guys can fight. It's all a big gimmick.

"Like I said in a press conference, there's a market for that. If people are dumb enough to spend their money watching that s***, I don't know what to tell you."

But Paul, who will be taking on Floyd Mayweather in a "super exhibition fight" on February 20, wants White to not confuse him with his brother.

He issued an apology of sorts, stating that he loves McGregor and UFC and harbours hopes of competing in the Octagon one day.

"He [Jake] pissed off Dana White," Paul said on his 'ImPaulsive' podcast, as per Low Kick MMA).

"Now Dana has grouped us together which sucks. I love Dana White, I love the UFC. Now Dana thinks we're the same person.

"We're so different. I love the UFC fights. I want to do a UFC fight one day. I'm not saying now, let me get my skills up. Dana, take me back. I'm not Jake! Please. Bro, he's given me tickets to go to UFC fights before. F*ck! F*ck! I love Conor McGregor dude."

White has already said UFC women's double champ Amanda Nunes would "put you in a coma" when speaking about Paul and described him as "some kid on YouTube".

Jake, 2-0 in professional boxing, has even branded his brother "a fake fighter", which prompted Logan to respond on his podcast.

Image: PA
Image: PA

"I'm like, little brothers up to some s**t, like he wants to get some attention for a sec, go for it," he said.

"But I fully support Jake - whatever drama he wants to stir or create, it really doesn't bother me. 'You're a fake boxer.' Okay. Let's box, because Jake is the kid that gets beat up by my sparring partners.

"I've become like rubber sheet metal, dude. In this fight, everyone's sayin' a lot of things, and for good reason. I'm fighting Floyd f**king Mayweather! So I've literally become immune to every - I've heard it all."

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