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Female MMA Fighter Brutally Headbutts Male Rival And Breaks His Nose

Female MMA Fighter Brutally Headbutts Male Rival And Breaks His Nose

A female MMA fighter broke a male rival's noise with a brutal headbutt after she lost a challenge on a Romanian reality TV show.

Ana Maria Pal was second to Lola when she was participating in a reward challenge in the Dominican Republic and completely lost the plot when Andrei Ciobanu tried to console her.

The 26-year old, who is the second best ranked female out of the 15 active MMA fighters in Romania, squared up to Ciabanu and promptly 'nutted' flush on the nose.


He tumbled to the floor and reportedly suffered a broken nose from the attack, while Pal, 2-3-0 in MMA, walked away and sat down like nothing had happened as he lay on the sand holding his face.

Pal, who got into MMA after becoming a mother aged 19, said the assault was "deserved" and was promptly kicked off the show for her ill conduct.

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Dan Cruceru, who presents the Kanal D show, gave a statement to CanCan: "I saw a terrible moment, a shocking moment. I saw a competitor hit in the face by another competitor.

"Unfortunately, Ana Pal lost her temper. What Ana did was a shocking gesture, a gesture that we hoped we would not see.

"We will not tolerate such behavior in Survivor, and our decision was that Ana Pal should not return to the island."

Diana Belbita, another female MMA fighter from Romania, took to Instagram to criticise the way in which Pal behaved.


'I cannot agree with the gesture tonight of Ana Maria Pal," she said, as per the Daily Mail.

"It is not a typical gesture for performance fighters and I would like to avoid generalising.'

"If Ana made this gesture, she's the only one who takes it... This is not a typical gesture for a fighter, Ana Maria is the only one who assumes the consequences."

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