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Colby Covington Responds To Jon Jones' Latest Arrest

Colby Covington Responds To Jon Jones' Latest Arrest

Colby Covington wasted no time in responding to Jon Jones' latest arrest, taking to Twitter to comment on the news regarding the 32-year old.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jones was arrested for aggravated DWI and negligent use of firearms, with MMA Fighting acquiring an arrest record by Albuquerque Police on Thursday morning.


According to the document, Jones was picked after 1am local time in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has since been released.

And outspoken welterweight Covington, never one to shy away from giving his opinion, was quick to react.

He wrote on Twitter, "See, there's no need to panic. The world's still perfectly normal."


Former UFC fighter Ben Askren also responded, saying: "For the life of me I can't figure out why he doesn't hire a buddy and pay him $50k a year to be his driver."

Meanwhile TMZ report that Jones was found 'inside a 2019 Jeep with the engine running and the car in park'. They go on to say that Jones appeared to have 'bloodshot' and 'watery' eyes.

Though police found a black handgun upon searching his vehicle, Jones denies firing the weapon.

However, following on from the discovery of a half-emptied bottle of the tequila on the passenger seat, it's alleged he was over the limit on the two breathalyser tests he took and subsequently failed.

His bond arraignment court date has been scheduled for 9th April.

Jones, widely viewed as one of the greatest UFC fighters ever to step foot in the Octagon and with a record of 26-1-0, has had a series of run-ins with the law.

In 2012 he was arrested for drunk driving and pled guilty to DUI after crashing his Bentley into a telephone pole while he was in upstate New York.

Three years later he avoided jail and was given 18 months of supervised probation 72 charity or youth outreach appearances for a hit and run that that saw a pregnant woman suffer a broken arm.

'Bones' last appearance in UFC was at UFC 247 last month when he successfully defended his title against Dominick Reyes, taking unanimous decision victory after five rounds.

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