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When An MMA Fighter Cut 22 Pounds In Less Than A Day

When An MMA Fighter Cut 22 Pounds In Less Than A Day

Bobby Southworth once had to lose 22 pounds in less than a day in order to make weight for a fight.

Southworth competed on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter back in 2004 and he was set to take on Lodune Sincaid in a preliminary fight.


However, he had to cut an obscene amount of weight in order to make the fight and he originally made it very difficult to do so.

Check out the video below.

Southworth was regarded as a big talent during his time on the show but he reportedly lacked the dedication to make it to the top.


He was forced to enter a sauna in an attempt to cut water weight and he was reluctant to do so.

Furthermore, he had to be begged by Josh Koscheck and coach Chuck Liddell to stay in the sauna, which was set to 210 degrees.

Koscheck and Liddell can be heard giving words of encouragement to their apprentice throughout.

He also attempted to escape from the sauna but Liddell had to forcibly hold the door shut to prevent his escape.

All of this would make you assume that Southworth would ultimately be unsuccessful on the show.

Image Credit: BratIvan88
Image Credit: BratIvan88

That wasn't the case however, as he managed to knockout Sincaid in the first elimination match of the season.

Weight cutting is often a controversial topic in UFC and it leads to a lot of harrowing images in the lead up to fights.

One notable weight cut in the last few months has been Jose Aldo.

The former UFC featherweight has cut weight to fight in the bantamweight division and his transformation is a harrowing one.

Aldo will make his first appearance as a bantamweight at UFC 245 this evening when he takes on Marlon Moraes in Las Vegas.

Images of the Brazilian have been shared online with the 33-year-old looking very gaunt and tight at the weight.

The Brazilian revealed he was eating two pounds of salad a day to make weight.

Aldo's coming off a decision defeat to Alexander Volkanovski and he has claimed that his defeat to the Australian hurts a lot more than his 13-second knockout to Conor McGregor back in 2015.

Despite the concerns, Aldo has received support from McGregor himself who claims Aldo looks 'more than on top of it'.

It's safe to say we won't see UFC fighters cut weight as drastically as Southworth had to.

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