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The Top 10 Times UFC Fighters Totally Lost Control In The Octagon

The Top 10 Times UFC Fighters Totally Lost Control In The Octagon

Sucker punches, brutal head kicks, ignoring referees and crapping out on the Octagon floor - there's been many ways in which UFC fighters have totally lost control.

An amazing top 10 starring the likes of Jorge Masvidal, Georges St-Pierre, the Korean Zombie, not to mention Derrick Lewis's hot nuts has been put together by the terrific gang at Watch MMA.

There's undeniably some absolutely shocking moments among this lot, but who takes top spot?

10. Paul Daley


The 'Ultimate' sucker punch saw Daley earn a lifetime ban from the UFC from a justifiably furious Dana White.

The Brit fought Josh Koscheck in 2010 for the right to challenge Georges St-Pierre but after it ended, the frustrated Daley landed a sneak hook on Koscheck, before referee Dan Miragliotta pinned him to the fence. Daley lost by decision and - but at least he didn't have to face GSP. Sort of a win.

9. Rousimar Palhares


How do you win a fight in 31 seconds but still lose big time? Ask Palhares, who held his heel hook on to Mike Pierce for far too long, adding a little extra even after his beaten opponent clearly tapped out.

The Brazilian was denied his Submission of the Night bonus for his villainous act and later cut by the UFC after a seething White pointed out this was not his first offence.

8. Justine Kish

Poor Justine. It wasn't her fault that, while losing a decision to Felice Herrig in 2017, she also lost control of her bowels.


Unfortunately, Kish befouled the Octagon - literally, not in the CM Punk 'crap in the ring' sense. At least she had a great sense of humour about it afterwards. #shithappens indeed!

7. Mark Hominick

How to lose a fight and end your whole career in eight seconds: a guide, by Mark Hominick.


Throwing a crazily wild left hand right at the start of a fight for the Korean Zombie is never wise. Pre-bout favourite Hominick was drilled hard by a counterpunch, hammered to the canvas, and never won another MMA fight. Ouch.

6. Jorge Masvidal

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Sometimes being out of control works! Masvidal looked almost too cocky before he launched into a flying knee at the invitingly ducked head of Ben Askren at UFC 239.


Boom! Funky Ben was out of it and, after five seconds, the fight and the feud was over. It is the fastest knockout in UFC history.

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5. Derrick Lewis

"My balls was hot" - with those immortal words, Lewis began one of the all-time crazy interviews after his brutal KO of Alexander Volkov.

Having removed his pants, the heavyweight then told Joe Rogan that Donald Trump called him pre-fight with instructions to knock the Russian out (phone call unconfirmed). Rogan fails to keep a straight face.

4. Derrick Lewis (again)

A year before Lewis's baked testicles, the man himself got seriously overheated against Travis Browne.

Referee Mario Yamasaki really has to share this place though. It was him who let the fight go on too long as Lewis whaled punches on a clearly defenceless Browne for vital extra seconds. The Beast later thanked the remorseful ref for the opportunity.

3. Mirko Cro Cop

Croatian Cro Cop was the favourite before his 2007 UFC heavyweight title eliminator, but he definitely failed to 'control' Gabriel Gonzaga.

The Brazilian caught him with numerous punches to the temple, then ended the fight with a vicious head kick that sent Mirko down like a demolished building. Savage.

2. Georges St-Pierre

A massive and unexpected reversal of fortune came (appropriately) at UFC 69. GSP was expected to handle Matt Serra with ease - but he never took control at all.

Instead, underdog Serra battered one of the UFC GOATs for a first-round upset KO. GSP won his welterweight championship back the following year - but Serra will always have that one famous night.

1. Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen

Sharing top spot are two men whose rage could not be contained by a cage! The third season of Ultimate Fighter: Brazil saw the two coaches/enemies go at it in an unscheduled brawl - just feet from an actual ring.

The pair had to be pulled apart by their teams as they dug punches into each other. Both insist to this day that the other man started it. Frankly, a fantastic example all around.

Check out the full Watch MMA video countdown, then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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