The Top 10 Most Dangerous Moves Banned By The UFC

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The Top 10 Most Dangerous Moves Banned By The UFC

Headbutts, low blows and - yes - even piledrivers have all been banned from the UFC as too dangerous since the more no-holds-barred era of the 1990s.

Despite what some no-nothings think, MMA isn't a free-for-all brawl. Particularly in the UFC, as it's grown into a slick, worldwide enterprise. As a handy guide, Watch MMA have put together this superb video of the top 10 moves outlawed by Dana White and co.

10. '12-6' elbows

Nobody tell The Rock, but the People's Elbow probably isn't legal - as directly downward '12-6' elbows are banned. This began as an arbitrary New Jersey Commission decision, but it's still in place, despite being far from the most damaging attack on this list.


9. Rabbit punches

As has long been the case in boxing, trying to hammer in the back of someone's skull is outlawed. The tricky thing is telling a deliberate rabbit punch from an opponent turning their head at the wrong time - an 'offence' which cost Brock Lesnar in his first fight with Frank Mir.

8. Low blows


Kicking someone right in the crown jewels - it's never been cool! Groin kicks and punches were actually allowed by some MMA organisations, whose rules we never, ever want to fight under.

7. Knees to grounded opponent

A flying knee to a standing, fully conscious rival is one of the most devastating moves in MMA - so perhaps it makes sense that kneeing a fallen foe is not OK. Although there are some fighters who question this exclusion.

6. Soccer kicks


Another controversial ban is running up to punt or 'soccer kick' an opponent, as it can look worse than it really is. The UFC's long-standing ban certainly hurt Wanderlei Silva, the Brazilian who (appropriately) used soccer kicks as part of his arsenal during his Pride days.

5. Piledriver

What?! No wonder we've never seen The Undertaker in the Octagon. In truth, outlawing a move which can decimate your neck even in a staged environment like WWE (ask Stone Cold Steve Austin about that) is a no-brainer. At least we can still do the Boston Crab.


4. Fish hooking

Just gross as much as it is dangerous, no fighter has ever really tried to yank an opponent's mouth and cheek apart, even in more no-holds-barred MMA. And for that we are thankful.

3. Eye pokes


Nobody tell Jon Jones that his special move is illegal. Yep, while establishing range with an outstretched hand is OK, pushing your fingers into someone's eye socket is definitely not. The tough call here is telling what's deliberate and what's accidental.

2. Headbutts

As you can see from this insane display from a young and ferocious Khabib Nurmagomedov, headbutting is not illegal in all combat sports. But it is in the UFC - which explains why we're still waiting for our first Glaswegian UFC world champion, no doubt.

1. Pulling hair

Can you believe this was ever allowed, anywhere? Skill-less, childish and just plain wrong: pulling clumps of someone's hair out is simply no way to try to win a fight in any circumstances - we're in total agreement that this is deservedly outlawed from the UFC.

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