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The Intense Confrontation Between Brock Lesnar And The Undertaker At UFC 121

The Intense Confrontation Between Brock Lesnar And The Undertaker At UFC 121

The Undertaker spoke to Lesnar immediately after his lost to Cain Velasquez back at UFC 121.

Nasir Jabbar

Nasir Jabbar

The Undertaker immediately called out Brock Lesnar during an intense confrontation following his devastating defeat to Cain Velasquez back at UFC 121.

Lesnar surrendered the UFC heavyweight title after losing to Velasquez who stopped him in the first round in October 2010.

And as the WWE superstar turned MMA fighter left the Octagon, he was confronted by The Undertaker.

Image: via YouTube
Image: via YouTube

The Undertaker, real name Mark Calaway, was being interviewed by Ariel Helwani and had a few choice words for Lesnar as he walked by the front row.

He said: "You wanna do it?" Lesnar failed to reply as he walked back to the dressing room with his team.

Lesnar recalled losing the UFC heavyweight title and his incident with The Undertaker.

"You know, I was a bit delirious," he explained. "Obviously, Cain (Velasquez) put me on a street that I didn't know the name of, and I was looking for my way home.

"So, I went out of the Octagon and I had heard that The Undertaker was going to be there. Once again, I enjoyed working with Mark in the ring but me and him... Well, there were some things said that kinda really p***ed me off.

"It's one of those things where we've got a mutual friend and I overheard some things that he said about me. And then I had a rebuttal to it. And our friend must have relayed the message to him, and he wasn't too happy.

"I don't know what he wanted to do. Maybe he was trying to fight. I don't know if he was there to fight or what or if he was there to get some attention or what, I don't know.

"These guys (pro wrestlers) were part of my life years ago and I think they see me having success outside of their universe that they can't do... You know, there isn't one other pro wrestler that can do and make the change like I did.

"So, I think there's some animosity there from the professional wrestling aspect of things. Because I can always go back and be a pro wrestler. They can't come and be an Ultimate Fighter. So, it's one of those things... I don't know."

Lesnar and The Undertaker went onto have three matches in WWE at WrestleMania, Summer Slam and Hell in a Cell with Lesnar winning two of the three meetings.

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