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Jon Jones Says ‘Punching Hard Means S**t’ In Epic Rant Against Francis Ngannou

Jon Jones Says ‘Punching Hard Means S**t’ In Epic Rant Against Francis Ngannou

UFC pound-for-pound king dismissed Ngannou's power and victory over Stipe Miocic.

Alex Reid

Alex Reid

Jon Jones has gone on a Twitter rant about his proposed fight with Francis Ngannou, warning the new UFC heavyweight champion that "punching hard means s**t".

Pound-for-pound star Jones was reacting on Sunday, as he first claimed that Stipe Miocic - who Ngannou violently knocked out at UFC 260 - wasn't in the same class as himself as a champion.

Then Jones claimed that Ngannou's power simply was not going to be a decisive factor if the two step into the Octagon together.

Light-heavyweight great Jones has been bulking up before a move to heavyweight and the 33-year-old was disdainful of those in mixed martial arts - including Dana White - who've said that he should be wary of Ngannou's KO power.

"Let's not forget Stipe lost to DC [Daniel Cormier]," Jones began. "Stipe only defended his belt like five times to my 15... He is no Jon Jones."

He continued: "You guys get so impressed by the guy with the knockout power. I've been proven for over a decade that punching hard means s**t.

"I'll let all you fans be super hyped, I'll stick to what I know. Pay me and let me go to work."

In response to a tweet about Ngannou's "phenomenal" power, Jones replied: "Bro I've gotten out of the way from much faster punchers. And I have a pretty solid chin.

"Let's not forget: fight IQ, reach, speed, distance. I'm not going to just stand there like Stipe did."

In the immediate aftermath of Ngannou's spectacular, second-round KO that crowned him the new king of the UFC's heavyweight division, Jones seemed mainly focused on pay.

It's clearly his belief that an Ngannou vs Jones fight would be a massive event and that he would expect the kind of paydays that Conor McGregor has become accustomed to receiving.

"I've been talking about getting paid more for over a year now," said Jones in response to those who might be claiming he's only bringing up money in order to avoid a fight with Ngannou - a far naturally larger athlete.

"[It] has nothing to do with Francis winning the belt. I fear no man, I've been beating up on heavyweights since I was a skinny kid.

"Gain all this size and strength just to suddenly be afraid? Sure let's switch narrative."

Do you think we'll see Jones challenge Ngannou in 2021 - and will the American be able to cope with 'The Predator's power? Let us know in the comments.

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