Dillon Danis Claims He'd Win Street Fight To The Death With Francis Ngannou


Dillon Danis Claims He'd Win Street Fight To The Death With Francis Ngannou

As Conor McGregor's sparring partner, Dillon Danis probably has to listen to a lot of trash talk every week.

However, this time round he seems to have decided to dole out some of his own, taking aim at UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

According to the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt, while he may find it tough in the octagon against Ngannou, he would win when it comes to Jiu-Jitsu - or more dramatically, if it was a battle to the death.

In an episode of Flagrant 2, Danis told comedian Andrew Schulz: "In MMA? Or are we talking about in the street? Jiu-jitsu? Come on, that's like a joke. In a Jiu-jitsu matchup right now, even drunk I'll f**ck him up.


"Bro, come on, he's terrible on the ground. In a street fight, to the death, where someone's gonna die, I'll beat him. But in the UFC, with a time limit, it might be tough.

"I can survive his punch. Because I'm very good at like weathering the storm. So I'll wait, I'll be there for three hours. I'm afraid he's not up for three hours, bro.

"He has like one and he is done, trust me. He's the kind of guy, he's like a one-pump chump. He comes out hot but he's not gonna keep that s**t for two hours.


"I'll just pull guard. I'll defend myself. I'm telling you right now that he doesn't have that in him. It depends on where it is. Like if we're in a street fight and you had your boys with you, I might get kicked in the head.

"So, you gotta be smart in each situation. But just me and Francis, you put us here, this room... The only person leaving is the guy that lives, I'm gonna f**k him up."

What do you think? Could Danis have a chance against Ngannou? And in which format, deadly or not?

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