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Throwback To One Of The Funniest Moments In UFC History

Throwback To One Of The Funniest Moments In UFC History

UFC is usually very serious business but at UFC 109 the highlight of the show was Joe Rogan commentating on three people trying to clean up ice, and it's utterly brilliant.

A sport that involves kicks, punches, knees and elbows to the head is often wince inducing for all the right reasons.

MMA is a brutal sport that certainly needs a fighters full attention and their game faces on however the commentators have been known to have some fun from time to time.


Back on February 6th 2010, UFC rocked up to Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for a show headlined by Randy Couture vs Mark Coleman.

The Natural got the win but it was the pre show that provided the real moment of the night. During Rony Torres' loss to Melvin Guillard someone in Torres' corner managed to knock a bucket of ice onto the matt.

Joe Rogan got very annoyed with the 'three stooges' who failed to clean up the mess, with the moment the bucket gets knocked over for a second time being the real highlight.


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"Dustin is a different person," Rogan said on his podcast.

Remembering The Greatest Round Of Fighting In UFC History

Remembering The Greatest Round Of Fighting In UFC History

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"He's a different person than he was when they first fought (back in 2014).

"And Conor is a different person too. But I don't think he's the same animal that he was back then.


"And also, their strategies are different. Someone could say, 'Oh, it's tough to be a savage when you're waking up in silk sheets.' Yeah, (but) he fought well in the beginning. He fought well.

"He landed good shots and Dustin admitted there was one time where he was caught and he was in a little bit of trouble. But the strategy of those low kicks... Conor has that wide stance and he puts a lot of weight on that front leg. And he did not seem to have an answer for those low kicks.

"And that is just a f***ing new element of the game that seems unstoppable. Because you can only take a couple."


If Rogan ever needs a new job, which is unlikely considering how much his podcast earns him, he could just go into commentating on viral videos as hilarious as the moment ice dominated a UFC fight card!

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