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ODDSbible TV: Britain's Got Talent 2017 Final Betting Preview

ODDSbible TV: Britain's Got Talent 2017 Final Betting Preview

The winners gets to perform at the Royal Variety Show.

Joshua Jones

Joshua Jones

Magicians, Comedians and Musicians make up the bulk of the Britain's Got Talent final this year, with a surprising absence of Simon Cowell's favourite dancing dogs.

There are ten confirmed finalists following this week's semi-finals, with a lot of people expecting Sarah Ikumu (knocked out in Wednesday's vote despite being favourite to win) to be the judge's wildcard.

Looking at those likely to challenge this year, the two market leaders are Tokio Myers at 6/4 and - who impressed many with his take on Debussy's Clair De Lune in the live semis - and comedian Daliso Chaponda, who had audiences roaring with laughter at his non-PC jokes.

After last year's winner Richard Jones wowed everyone with his talents, there is a large presence of magicians in the final. Mini-magician Issy Simpson won the second semi-final with her impressive Harry Potter inspired performance. She has an incredible stage presence for an eight-year-old and it wouldn't be surprising to see her finish in the Top Three.

Penn and Teller style duo DNA were enjoyable to watch but they don't really have that little bit extra needed to win the show - though it would be nice to see them go and do their own thing in the future.

Ante-post favourites The Missing People's Choir tugged on the heartstrings of the audience but weren't able to win their semi-final, which gives an indication of what people are actually voting for.

Another act with a powerful and heartwarming story is the MerseyGirls, where the inspirational battle of Julie against Scoliosis throughout her life has had people everywhere hoping for the best for them - though it may not be enough to win them the competition. I also read earlier today that Simon Cowell has pledged to pay for Julie's treatment, so they're winners in that sense.

Another act that audiences love is The Pensionalities. Though they may not be as talented as the others in the final, their on stage chemistry and genuine friendship has clearly struck a chord with viewers. They're a feel-good act if ever I saw one.

Ned Woodman, the young comic, has divided opinions this year with some taking exception to his ruthless style of comedy - taking shots at the judges and sometimes being perceived as rude. The fact he beat Sarah Ikumu in the semi-finals was a shock to many and it definitely wouldn't be a surprise to see her come back as the judges wildcard.

They seemed genuinely shocked when it was announced she wouldn't be progressing. The 15-year-old has an incredible voice and was asked to enter the show by BGT bosses before auditions had even begun, with Simon pressing his Golden Buzzer for the young lady.

Tokio's story was clearly one the audience were able to get on board with. The 32-year-old is very talented, and had to deal with witnessing the murder of his head teacher when he was just 11-years-old. His pre-semi-final VT definitely swayed votes in his favour, though I don't think it will be enough in the final.

The raw talent and iningenuity of Daliso Chaponda makes him my winner at 5/2. The Malawian comedian had everyone in stitches at his audition and in yesterday's semi-final, with Simon Cowell in particular singing his praises. Amanda's golden buzzer act has lived up to his billing and if he has saved his best performance for last, I like him to defy the odds here.

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