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Genie Bouchard Opens Up About Worst Date She Ever Went On And Relationship Struggles

Genie Bouchard Opens Up About Worst Date She Ever Went On And Relationship Struggles

Genie Bouchard has admitted that it is hard to find someone who is genuinely interested in her as a person over her being a famous figure.

Adnan Riaz

Adnan Riaz

Tennis star Genie Bouchard has recalled her experience of going on a "disaster" date with a man who was suffering from food poisoning.

The Canadian beaut, 26, has frequently been in the headlines when she teases fans about her love life and even sent social media into meltdown when she asked for a boyfriend to quarantine with.

Bouchard also agreed to date comedian and podcaster Bob Menery after he pledged to donate $4,000 to charity if she did so.

The pair went ahead by holding a virtual date on Zoom recently and the tennis player opened up about the worst date she ever went on.

According to Bouchard, the date took place at a beach and the man would repeatedly run to the bathroom to throw up due to food poisoning.

"I went on a date with a guy once, we went to the beach and he had food poisoning and he ran to the bathroom to throw up every 20 minutes," she explained.

"It was just a disaster, it was so bad. We tried to chill out on the beach and have fun but he would keep disappearing, behind bushes, to the bathroom in the clubhouse, it was bad.

"We were supposed to go to dinner after but I was hoping, I was like, 'I really don't want to go to dinner anymore because this is awful' and he was like, 'Yeah, what if we skip dinner?' I was like, 'That's great, can you just drop me off at home, goodbye.'"

Bouchard, who famously agreed to date a fan after losing a bet, also opened up about her relationship struggles.

The Canadian stunner admitted that she found it difficult to find someone genuinely interested in her beyond her fame.

"It's hard to meet people in person because I'm always travelling. Normally I'm in a different city every single week so that makes it super hard," Bouchard said.


"What do you do? If someone knows who you are then I don't want them to look up to me too much, I don't want them to be a fan.

"How do you meet someone who's not like that? It's tough."

Bouchard recently teamed up with dating app Bumble and revealed to fans the 'all-important criteria' she looks for in a potential match.

The 2014 Wimbledon runner-up also auctioned off a charity dinner date as part of a collaboration with 15 Seconds of Fame for the 'All In Challenge.'

The auction for the dinner date with Bouchard ended this month and the winning fan splashed out an incredible $85,000 on it.

Featured Image Credit: Genie Bouchard/Instagram

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