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Genie Bouchard Agrees To Go On A Date With Fan Who Makes Some Bizarre Requests

Genie Bouchard Agrees To Go On A Date With Fan Who Makes Some Bizarre Requests

The tennis star has previous with this kind of thing...

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

Tennis star Genie Bouchard has agreed to go on a date with a fan when the coronavirus pandemic dies down and he's made some bizarre requests.

The Canadian took to Twitter last month to complain about social distancing and insisted it would be 'a lot more fun with a boyfriend'.

She then received a slew of messages with 'resumes' for men who were eager to get involved.

But taking part in an Instagram Live with sportscaster Allie LaForce offered comedian Bob Menery the chance to shoot his shot with the 26-year-old.

Bob offered £400 to go on a date with Bouchard to which LaForce replied asking for a fee of £3000 that could then go to paying for hospital staff's food.

The tennis star said: "You're [LaForce] also helping me, being a matchmaker for me because I clearly need one.


"I agreed, yes, of course. I want to be part of this."

Bob then hilariously replied with the offer of an extra £800 if she used a British accent while on their date.

Bouchard reluctantly agreed and explained: "Why are you doing this to me, Bob?"

"You're guilting me... so I feel I have to say yes because it's for charity, but I'm also highly uncomfortable with that.

"I'm going to say yes but I have no skill whatsoever in imitating accents."

She also explained that she wanted Bob to bring toilet roll along on their date.

Bouchard went on a date to the SuperBowl with a fan back in 2017 so she is used to these kinds of pleas on social media.

It remains to be seen if Bob manages to achieve the same level of success.

Featured Image Credit: Genie Bouchard/Instagram

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