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​PES 2019 Is One Of July’s Free PlayStation Plus Games

​PES 2019 Is One Of July’s Free PlayStation Plus Games

Sony has unveiled the two games it's giving away to PlayStation Plus members in July: 'PES 2019' and 'Horizon Chase Turbo'.

Julian Benson

Julian Benson

As we draw to the end of June our Pavlovian response starts to kick in. I found myself drooling on the tube this morning, my thumbs working away at some phantom gamepad. Yes, Sony's free games for PlayStation Plus members are about to be released. In July we've an eclectic pairing: Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and Horizon Chase Turbo.

While we're away from the years where the rivalry between PES and FIFA was at its height, when the upstart football game showed the behemoth there was another way to play football on consoles, the series is still a strong contender each year. What you get with FIFA is licensed team names and a story mode, with PES you get a more challenging game, one where goals are more hard earned.

On the flip side of the deal is Horizon Chase Turbo, an arcade-racer inspired by classics like Outrun and Rush. You can see from the trailer below that the team has opted for a retro aesthetic, with simple track art and blocky cars. It's quite delightful to look at and it seems like it comes packed with everything you'd expect from an old racer. It has 108 tracks over 48 different locations, you can play in 4-player splitscreen, unlock more than 30 cars, and there are World Tour, Tournament, and Endurance game modes.

Check it out in the trailer below:

Sony's PlayStation Plus announcements are definitely less exciting than they've been in the past, because the publisher has cut back on what it gives away. It no longer includes Vita or PS3 games, meaning instead of a four game freebie pack, it's only two games. I have my fingers crossed that Sony will start giving away PSVR games as part of PlayStation Plus. It would certainly make it more tempting to pick up the hardware if I knew I was going to be able to fill out my VR library at regular intervals.

Which game are you going to play first: Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 or Horizon Chase Turbo? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter. And, while you're at it, why not check out the GAMINGbible Snapchat?
Featured Image Credit: Konami

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