This Is What Former World's Strongest Boy Looks Like Now

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This Is What Former World's Strongest Boy Looks Like Now

Remember 'Little Hercules'? The kid who could bench press 210lbs when he was eight?

Richard Sandrak became famous after photographs of his muscular physique started doing the rounds. When he was 11 he was named World's Strongest Boy, which I didn't even know was a real thing, but is a properly odd concept.

Unsurprisingly, his dad was a martial arts champion and his mum was an aerobics instructor, but they still hired a personal trainer to get him looking this:


Credit: World's Strongest Boy

I know he's a kid here, so I don't want to go in two-footed, but fucking hell, it's disturbing. His parents came in for a lot of flak after a documentary about him was released with many saying it was cruel and unethical for his parents to do that to such a young lad. Some medical professionals even said that a child of his age wouldn't be capable of producing enough testosterone to get to that size, suggesting he was using steroids.

Here he is talking about it all as a teenager.


Credit: Channel 4

Anyway, if you're thinking that by now, aged 24, he's probably graduated to World's Strongest Man, then you would be wrong, because he's knocked it all on the head and looks like this:

Credit: YouTube/Inside Edition


He's kept that haircut, though.

Richard said that he doesn't regret his unusual childhood, but that he now dreams of being a quantum scientist for NASA. However, as of 2015, he was working as a stuntman at Universal Studios Hollywood Waterworld show. I'm not even joking, this is all true. Good luck to you mate.

Featured image credit: YouTube/Inside Edition

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