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New F1 Owner Critical Of Bernie Ecclestone's Attitude To F1

New F1 Owner Critical Of Bernie Ecclestone's Attitude To F1

Formula One is still adjusting to the beginning of a new regime after many years under the stewardship of Bernie Ecclestone. New owner Chase Carey has criticised his predecessor.

The world of F1 without Bernie Ecclestone is every bit as difficult to comprehend as Manchester United fans being able to stomach their club without Sir Alex Ferguson, before he retired of course.

Even in retirement the two figures are comparable with Ecclestone on camera as much in the build up to races so far as Fergie is when he attends any match at Old Trafford, and he attends a lot.


Ecclestone is no longer the owner of F1 but can be seen at all of the races still. PA Images

However at United you could never imagine the new manager criticising Fergie. Living in his shadow as David Moyes did, yes, but coming out and damning the old regime for making life difficult for you, never.

American Chase Carey took over the running of the sport before the beginning of the season and Carey hasn't restrained himself discussing how Ecclestone's attitude could have held the sport back. Talking to the Press Association Carey said:

"I want to be saying 'yes' to a whole lot more. What is the value of having an idea if the answer to everything you want to do is 'no'? All it does is create frustration.


"There are an array of things that weren't done that needed to be done. We felt it was a sport that for the last five or six years had really not been managed to its full potential or taken advantage of what was here.

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"All of us make mistakes and nobody is perfect.

"Bernie took a business from decades ago and sold it for eight billion dollars. He deserves all the credit in the world for what he has done. But in today's world you need to market a sport. We were not marketing the sport."


The new owner along with Ross Brawn and Russian president Vladimir Putin. PA Images

F1 Mogul Bernie Ecclestone, 89, To Become Father For The Fourth Time

F1 Mogul Bernie Ecclestone, 89, To Become Father For The Fourth Time

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Ecclestone came across as very inward thinking when it came to the sport and has been vocal, even since leaving his post, about Fernando Alonso taking a break from F1 to race in the Indy 500.

That's something that would never have happened under the 86 year old Englishman, who also seemed against an increased use in social media.

When Liberty Media bought F1 for $6 billion earlier in the year Carey said, "F1 has huge potential with multiple untapped opportunities. I have enjoyed hearing from the fans, teams, FIA, promoters and sponsors on their ideas and hopes for the sport."


Is the new owner right about Ecclestone?

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