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YouTubers Joe Weller And KSI Clash On Stage At Upload

YouTubers Joe Weller And KSI Clash On Stage At Upload

Two YouTubers have clashed on stage at the Upload event, Tobacco Dock, London.

Rapper Joe Weller, who has around four-and-a-half million subscribers on his account, went head-to-head with fellow entertainer KSI (real name Olajide Williams 'JJ' Olatunji) - who has over 17 million followers.


But this wasn't a clash over who has the bigger following, this is about a rivalry then went much deeper.

Tazz West, 18, who was at the event, uploaded two videos showing the on-stage fight that occurred.


Amidst chants of 'fight, fight, fight', the two squared up to each other with foreheads together, and, as KSI leaned in, Weller shoves him across the stage.

Security can be seen rushing on to stage and the pair wrestle each other to the ground.

In the second video, Joe can be heard being asked by KSI: "Where are you now?"

Joe responds: "I almost pushed you off the stage. You almost fell off it."

He continued: "Imagine 8,000 people seeing your head absolutely crushed onto the canvas."

KSI launched back him and had to be violently restrained.

Tazz later told LADbible: "The previous day (Saturday, September 9) KSI was on a panel and was talking badly of Joe Weller.

"Joe then replied to someone on Twitter who had informed him about this. Joe then gatecrashed KSI's panel on Sunday, which led to the face-off.

"The screams were mostly from kids full of excitement. Some parents and other people were quite shocked.

"The bodyguards had to pull them apart as well as Joe Weller's close friend, Elliot Crawford. Joe was escorted out of the panel room and KSI didn't seem very happy throughout the rest of the panel."

Tazz also added that the fight was not staged, despite many believing it was all a set-up, and that a bottle was launched at Weller, but narrowly missed him, hitting someone else.

He said: "I thought it was fake at first, but after speaking to Sarah Close (fellow YouTuber) in private, she said that it was real and not staged at all, and she was quite annoyed about the whole scenario."

Previous beef between the two was the focus of a video from Weller which looked at KSI's track Two Birds One Stone.

The video mentions 'stealing' Weller's girl, but the latter responded in an angry video which rubbishes the claims that the girl in question was even with Weller.

Somehow it's hard to believe that this is the end of it.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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