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Woman In Shock After Tackle Shows Up In Wrong Sport

Woman In Shock After Tackle Shows Up In Wrong Sport

It's not every day you get to see a marathon taking place, so when this lady found herself on the sidelines of the London Marathon yesterday, she decided to take a snap to commemorate the moment.

All well and good, yeah? Except the beautiful moment she caught actually included a little bit more than she bargained for. Because one of the men running past her has... shall we say, popped out, while taking part in the run.


A nearby photographer managed to capture the moment she realised what she'd taken a photo of.

And it is perfect:

Credit: PRiME Media Images Limited

I know we saw a lot of wonderful human interactions yesterday - we saw one man stop to help a struggling competitor over the finish line and a lovely marriage proposal, but can either of those things compare to this lady's face?


That's gone straight into the group chat, I'll bet. Credit: PRiME Media Images Limited

No. Clearly, they cannot, because while acts of human kindness and displays of love are all well and good, they can't compare with the shock on this woman's face.

Having a closer look at the picture (excuse me), I reckon these fellas spotted it, too:

'Is that...' 'Just leave it, mate' Credit: PRiME Media Images Limited

Seems like no one bothered to give the man a heads up, though, because the star of the woman's photograph, Abdelhadi El Harti, appears to be oblivious to the incident as he triumphantly makes his way on the home stretch.

I suppose he's got a lot going on, right? I mean, he's pushing himself, he's taking part in a 26.2 mile, he's got other things on his mind.

It's not known how long he was running along like this for, but the moment was captured on film forever, which I'm sure he's over the moon about.

The Moroccan athlete, who was competing after losing an arm, finished second in the ambulant class, so he's probably not arsed that some people saw his dick.

Well done to you, mate. If I were you I'd get this framed and put it straight on the living room wall; it will make a lovely talking point when you've got pals over.

Featured Image Credit: PRiME Media Images Limited

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