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Michael Phelps Challenges Conor McGregor To Swimming Race

Michael Phelps Challenges Conor McGregor To Swimming Race

"All of this talk... Should we race as well?"

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Given that Conor McGregor has pretty much broken free of the shackles that usually constrain MMA fighters, appearing in video games, having a film made about him, modelling and jumping in the boxing ring, the world is his oyster.

At this point, given his popularity and previous successes, companies and promotions would most likely throw money at him to get him to do stuff.

With that in mind, 23 time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps has suggested the two have a swimming race, just for the sake of it.

He was watching the fight on August 26, and Tweeted after, congratulating both of the fighters.

" [sic]," the first one read, while the other said: "Hats off to @TheNotoriousMMA ...... amazing competitor and unreal athlete...congrats to @FloydMayweather 50-0 congrats! #legend [sic]."

He brought it up again however, when he posted a Photoshopped image of him and Conor. The Notorious can be seen in a swimming cap underneath a graphic saying "PHELPS VS MCGREGOR."

"All of this talk... Should we race as well??" he captioned the tweet.

Despite the fact Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time, with 28 medals to his name, McGregor certainly wouldn't let something like that stand in his way. He certainly didn't let Floyd's undefeated record do that.

Phelps is just the greatest. He even raced a shark. I mean, well, he didn't, it was a CGI shark, but still.

Right up until it was go time, it was made out that the swimmer would be actually competing against a genuine shark.

In the end he got beat by two seconds in the 100m race, but viewers weren't bothered about the loss, but more the fact that he wasn't racing a shark at all.

Phelps, who was swimming with the aid of a special fish-styled suit and a shark-like fin, registered a time of 38.1 seconds while the 'shark' managed 36.1 seconds.

The event was held to launch the Discovery Channel's annual TV Shark Week but some on social media were quick to criticise the much hyped event as a farce after the 32-year-old American swimmer lost out to a 'hologram'.

Here's what Twitter had to say about the whole thing:

Rather than pit the two against each other in a straight up race, the Discovery Channel team calculated a great white's speed over the distance prior to Phelps taking to the water. They then superimposed footage of a shark as Phelps swam.

Admittedly, this still gives you a good indication of how the race would have played out, but it takes away from the sense of danger - who knows, had Phelps been racing an actual great white, perhaps the very real chance of him being eaten alive might have inspired him to victory.

"Honestly, the first thought that went through my head when I saw the shark, there's probably very little chance for me to beat him,' said Phelps said after the race. "They swim so fast, it's almost like a bullet.

"I don't like taking silver medals but I'll take one against a Great White," he added.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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