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Fans Have Ranked The Top 60 Most Overrated Sports Athletes Of All Time

Fans Have Ranked The Top 60 Most Overrated Sports Athletes Of All Time

Football icon David Beckham has controversially been voted the most overrated sports athlete of all time by fans.

The 45-year-old enjoyed a prolific career at Manchester United and won six Premier League titles and a Champions League.

But fans over at TheTopTens have named Beckham, who also won league titles at Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain, as the most overrated athlete in history.


"Totally overrated. He was a fine player but come on, he never had any superstar runs like they said of him as [sic]," one fan wrote in the rankings.

While another posted: "Definitely the most overrated athlete on the planet. He is a decent player at best, nothing more than that. All the hype comes from being British, and being extremely fashionable."

A third argued: "Was a great footballer but his image/brand probably made him more famous than what he was."

And a fourth fan added: "The worst of 'Los Galacticos,' he wasn't a good player only marketing..."


Basketball superstar LeBron James, boxing icon Mike Tyson and football legend Ronaldinho all finished inside the top 20.

Posted below are the 60 most overrated athletes voted by the fans.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

60. Michael Phelps (swimming)


59. Sammy Sosa (baseball)

58. Deion Sanders (American football/baseball)

57. Usain Bolt (sprinting)

56. Ryan Leaf (American football)


55. Floyd Mayweather (boxing)

54. Frank Lampard (football)

53. Brady Quinn (American football)

52. Lynn Swann (American football)


51. Brett Favre (American football)

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

50. Ricky Hatton (boxing)

49. Michael Sam (American football)

48. Pete Rose (baseball)

47. Wilt Chamberlain (basketball)

46. Lionel Messi (football)

45. Antoine Walker (basketball)

44. Tim Duncan (basketball)

43. Sidney Crosby (ice hockey)

42. Vince Carter (basketball)

41. LaMarcus Aldridge (basketball)

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

40. Manny Ramirez (American football)

39. Muhammad Ali (boxing)

38. Reggie Bush (American football)

37. Tom Brady (American football)

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The 50 Greatest Sports Athletes Of All Time Have Been Ranked By Fans

36. Klay Thompson (basketball)

35. Peyton Manning (American football)

34. Dirk Nowitzki (basketball)

33. Donovan McNabb (American football)

32. Yao Ming (basketball)

31. Barry Bonds (baseball)

Credit: PA
Credit: PA
The 50 Greatest Sports Athletes Of All Time Have Been Named And Ranked

The 50 Greatest Sports Athletes Of All Time Have Been Named And Ranked

published at8 months ago

30. Randy Moss (American football)

29. John Cena (WWE)

28. Johnny Manziel (American football)

27. Cam Newton (American football)

26. Michael Vick (American football)

25. Tony Romo (American football)

24. Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson)

23. Tiger Woods (golf)

22. Allen Iverson (basketball)

21. Emmitt Smith (American football)

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

20. Alex Rodriguez (baseball)

19. Michael Jordan (basketball)

18. Tim Tebow (American football/baseball)

17. Manny Pacquiao (boxing)

16. Stephen Curry (basketball)

15. Ronaldinho (football)

14. Mike Tyson (boxing)

13. Babe Ruth (baseball)

12. Joe Namath (American football)

11. Cristiano Ronaldo (football)

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

10. Scottie Pippen (basketball)

9. Danica Patrick (racing driver)

8. LeBron James (basketball)

7. Kobe Bryant (basketball)

6. Eli Manning (American football)

5. Terrell Owens (American football)

4. Pele (football)

3. Michelle Wie (golf)

2. Shaquille O'Neal (basketball)

1. David Beckham (football)

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

You can check out athletes that finished outside of the top 60 over at TheTopTens.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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