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​Kid With No Friends At Birthday Party Gets VIP NBA Treatment

​Kid With No Friends At Birthday Party Gets VIP NBA Treatment

A six-year-old boy called Teddy went viral recently for the most heartbreaking reason, after his mum shared a photo of him at his birthday party - which none of his school friends bothered showing up to.

Mum Sil Mazzini said she had invited 30 of his classmates to their nearby Peter Piper Pizza in Tucson, Arizona, but when no one came, she took photographed her son and went to the local press.

Within no time it sent social media into overdrive, with many quick to wish him a happy birthday despite what had happened to him.

His story then even made it to the Phoenix Suns - who offered him and his family tickets to their game against Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday.


And it looks like they followed through on their word, having tweeted photos and videos of Teddy having a grand old time at the game.


Along with snaps of Teddy grinning in his custom Suns jersey, the team also shared videos of Teddy meeting players and giving them their much-needed pre-game 'hype'.

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Suns fans praised the team's kind move, with one person writing on Twitter: "I cried when i saw the picture of him sitting alone heartbroken at his birthday party... I'm so happy to see that smile on his face..."

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Footage Of Kobe Bryant Playing 1v1 Against A Kid At His 2011 Basketball Camp

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Another said: "So awesome of the Suns organization to do this for him. He looks so happy!"

Someone else added: "Awesome move Suns. Glad to see this story turn into something positive. Teddy will never forget this."

A fourth tweeted: "Things like this make athletes real idols. This should set an example!! Awesome @Suns."


But not everyone has seen the story as a positive one, with some calling out Teddy's mother for 'embarassing' him so publicly.

"Quick! Someone call the news, let's embarrass this kid even more than he already is," one person wrote on Facebook.


They added: "Good lord. This is so wrong."

Others have said that the original photo looks like it may have been 'staged'.

Either way, it's good to see the little boy smiling again! Nice work, Suns.

Featured Image Credit: Sil Mazzini/Phoenix Suns

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