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Edwina Currie Doesn't Realise 'Supermarket Fight' Is An Old WWE Clip

Edwina Currie Doesn't Realise 'Supermarket Fight' Is An Old WWE Clip

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate lives, we are now sadly used to seeing videos of panicked shoppers grappling with each other over supplies - mainly toilet paper.

But when former MP Edwina Currie spotted a violent clip on Twitter, purporting to be two shoppers fighting in a branch of Asda, she was rightly suspicious.


The video shows a violent exchange between two muscle-bound men, who grapple with each other, crashing through the fruit aisle, and knocking down tins from their shelves.

It's a right old tear-up - a little too good to be true, eh?

That's because it wasn't just a video of two random men grappling - it was a clip of WWE legends Stone Cold Steve Austin and Booker T. And that's not Asda you can see them fighting in.

The clip was posted along with the caption: "Disgusting scenes in ASDA Havant today when it should have been a time for the elderly and nhs staff, please retweet to name and shame."


Questioning the clip but seemingly not realising it was a joke, a suspicious Edwina replied: "You sure this isn't staged? Nobody else around, no security staff, and whoever is filming is managing to get all the angles."

She was so close, wasn't she? She knew something wasn't right but she couldn't put her finger on it.

Sadly, as soon as you put a foot wrong on Twitter, no matter how well-intentioned it may be, you can expect a deluge of ridicule.

And that's just what the former Conservative politician received.

Commenting on the Tweet, one person joked: "Hi Edwina. I own a bridge that runs from Manhattan to Brooklyn and I'm thinking of selling it. Are you interested?"

Another asked: "Of course it's not staged. Why would two blokes in the same t shirts and wearing protective knee pads not beat each other up in an empty supermarket with pulled punches?"

While a third simply put: "Still as sharp as a marble. FFS."

Or was this all a ruse? Maybe Currie was having everyone on.

Well, some queried whether she was as gullible as she appeared.

A sympathetic follower commented: "This is either outstanding bantz by Edwina or Unintentional outstanding bantz by Edwina."

I guess only Edwina will ever know.

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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