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Simulation Tests Worst Boxer Vs Mike Tyson On Fight Night Champion’s Hardest Difficulty

Simulation Tests Worst Boxer Vs Mike Tyson On Fight Night Champion’s Hardest Difficulty

Butterbean, who has a 74 overall, was pitted against 92-rated Mike Tyson in Fight Night Champion on the ‘Greatest of all Time’ setting.

Adnan Riaz

Adnan Riaz

A YouTuber successfully used the worst boxer in Fight Night Champion and managed to KO Mike Tyson on the hardest difficulty setting.

Martial Mind put the experiment to the test and had to fight the boxing legend on the 'Greatest of all Time' difficulty.

The YouTuber set the bout to 15 rounds, each one lasting three minutes, and was forced to choose 'Butterbean.'

'Butterbean' is the worst-rated boxer in EA Sports' fan-favourite title and only has a 74 overall, which pales in comparison to Tyson's incredible 92 rating.

Martial Mind mentions that 'Butterbean' is at a severe disadvantage due to his lack of speed, conditioning and durability.

But the YouTuber reveals the strategy is to take full advantage of his boxer's power and insists the first round is the "most dangerous" with Tyson.

Martial Mind continued: "He comes like a maniac and you really truly have to stay out of the way or else you're going to be dead in that very first round."

As soon as the first round starts, the AI 'Iron' Mike wastes no time in going on the offensive and unloading power punches.

The YouTuber plays defensively and throws the occasional shot to chip away at Tyson's stamina.

But 'Butterbean' is rocked less than halfway into the first round, but Martial Mind manages to weather the storm and keep Tyson at bay.

The YouTuber makes it through the first round and manages to take a hefty chunk off Tyson's stamina going into the second.

Tyson continues his onslaught in the second round, but he does start showing signs of gassing out and 'Butterbean' ends up going on the attack in the final minute.

Martial Mind/YouTube
Martial Mind/YouTube

'Iron' Mike's fatigue starts setting in during the third round and 'Butterbean' makes the breakthrough by sending Tyson crashing to the canvas.

Tyson makes it back to his feet by the time the count reaches five and manages to hold on until the end of the round, especially after the power shots from 'Butterbean.'

Going into the fourth round and 'Butterbean' is up two rounds on Teddy's scorecard, while Tyson won the first round.

However, the fourth round is where 'Butterbean' rocks Tyson twice before delivering the KO punch.

The official judges' scorecards also had 'Butterbean' win rounds two and three, with Tyson taking home the first round.

Martial Mind/YouTube
Featured Image Credit: EA Sports/PA

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