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33 Percent Of Players Admit Losing A Game Of FIFA Would Ruin Their Day

33 Percent Of Players Admit Losing A Game Of FIFA Would Ruin Their Day

Some say "it's only a game" but nobody is thinking that when they concede a sweaty goal in the last minute of FIFA.

Gamers can vouch for the fact that emotions run high in the leading virtual football game and there's no worse feeling than experiencing a narrow defeat.

And incredibly it's emerged 33 per cent of players have admitted losing a game of FIFA would ruin their day.


A study from Censuwide saw them take a representative sample of 1,001 UK adults who play FIFA at least once per week in October 2020 and the result was a whole lot of interesting tidbits regarding players and their love-hate relationship with FIFA.

As well as the statistic showing just how big an impact FIFA result have on someone's mood, research shows that almost three quarters (71 per cent) of gaming Brits admit that playing FIFA with friends is their most common method of socialising.

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The average player is said to spend up to 11.5 hours of the working week making tweaks and alterations, with outings to the pub or a kickabout at the local park only garnering 23 per cent and 22 per cent of the votes respectively.

33 Percent Of Players Admit Losing A Game Of FIFA Would Ruin Their Day

33 Percent Of Players Admit Losing A Game Of FIFA Would Ruin Their Day

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These "FIFA and chill" sessions offer a sort of escapism for some people and regular conversations between players include focus on family life (32 per cent), relationship advice (24 per cent) and mental health (20 per cent).

Those who play FIFA on a frequent basis will be well aware that sometimes there's more than just pride riding on it, and over a quarter (27 per cent) of people who took part in the survey confessed to being involved in bizarre FIFA forfeits over the years.

The top ten has been released and literally none of them are enjoyable:

  1. Eating a very hot chilli
  2. Drinking a shot
  3. Running down the street naked
  4. Publishing a public apology on social media
  5. Allow one of their friends to send a text from their phone
  6. Dress up in a funny outfit for the next game
  7. Doing household chores for the week
  8. Shaving off their hair
  9. Doing pushups
  10. Having a bucket of ice water poured on their head

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