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Fans Are Embarrassed At How ​EA Sports Didn't Spot A Glitch In FIFA 20's Debut Trailer

Fans Are Embarrassed At How ​EA Sports Didn't Spot A Glitch In FIFA 20's Debut Trailer

Fans might be excited for the addition of the FIFA Street-inspired Volta mode, but they are critical of a glitch in the FIFA 20 trailer.

Adnan Riaz

Adnan Riaz

EA Sports has been left red-faced with its FIFA 20 announcement after fans mocked the publisher for not spotting a glitch in the first official trailer.

The FIFA publisher focused heavily on Volta, which is the spiritual successor of FIFA Street, in the upcoming entry and spliced the trailer with other footage from the regular base game.

Unfortunately for EA Sports, fans noticed during a match between Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund that a player's arm has glitched right through his leg.

One Twitter user, Chris, tweeted: "The #FIFA20 trailer looked sick and all with the addition of FIFA Street, but they pretty much summed up what I was expecting in just the trailer alone..."


The image has quickly made the rounds on social media and many other FIFA fans have echoed Chris' feelings.

"It's so that people [...] can ease into FIFA 20, they just changed the name," one Reddit user wrote.

A second said: "Nice catch. LOL. Really shows how s**t Frostbite is. It was ok for Battlefield, but seriously the clipping issues were a pain with [Battlefield 3]."

Someone else wrote: "They've been honest. At least that's an improvement."

A fourth added: "10,000 eyes died for this."

EA Sports

Following on from the announcement of Volta, EA Sports dropped a batch of awesome-looking screenshots from the mode.

FIFA 20 will be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

EA Sports has confirmed that it will be available on 27th September.

Thoughts on the first trailer for FIFA 20?

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Featured Image Credit: EA Sports

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