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You Can Buy A Swingless Golf Club That Can Hit The Ball Over 200 Yards

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You Can Buy A Swingless Golf Club That Can Hit The Ball Over 200 Yards

Do you struggle to hit the golf ball? Need some help finding the fairway? Well, the world's first no-swing-required golf club might be the solution for you.

EZeeGolf has created a piston-powered, swing-free club that can propel golf balls from 50 to 200 yards with the push of a button.

Designed by a former aerospace engineer, it has been developed to help golfers who either never had the physical capability or have aged out of the game due to a physical issue.

Image: EZeegolf
Image: EZeegolf

It literally provides anyone with the ability to play golf on a regulation course - just adjust the settings, line it up and hit the ball, as tested by YouTuber Rick Shiels below.

You can even angle the face of the striking plate to perform a draw or fade, just as you would with a normal driver.

This is seriously impressive stuff.


The PowerGolf club, currently on sale at around $1,000, has already assisted thousands of golfers to return to the course.

But they point out that their goal is to help millions more former golfers, non-golfers and physically limited people to "Enjoy The Game!"

Golf expert Jeff Nicholson is certainly a fan of the invention.

"This club could really help people of all skill levels get on the course," he said.


"Obviously you can't use it at a tournament or for competitive play but when you're out there with your buddies trying to have a good time, this club is perfect. That's what it's all about, getting new people into the game and having fun."

This isn't the only piece of equipment that can help you improve on the golf course.

A company have developed an advanced technology that enables a ball to be substantially straighter on slice and hook shots, using shallow and deep dimples to lower lift and reduce drag while enhancing weight distribution.


Polara Golf claims that if you slice a golf ball 100 feet, the exact same swing with our anti-slice golf ball would slice about 25 ft, leaving you in the fairway instead of the rough.

As you can see in the clip above, YouTuber Rick Shiels clearly attempts to slice his tee shot right but the ball appears to correct the angle and goes straight down the fairway.

This is perfect for golfers who always find the rough, or worse lose their ball when playing a round with mates.

Featured Image Credit: Rick Shiels Golf/YouTube

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