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Pro Golfer Pulled Off Happy Gilmore-Style Swing At PGA Event And It Travelled Miles

Pro Golfer Pulled Off Happy Gilmore-Style Swing At PGA Event And It Travelled Miles

John Peterson realised a chance of victory was incredibly low and emulated the famous swing.

Alex Reid

Alex Reid

Pro golfer John Peterson had the balls to genuinely break out a Happy Gilmore-esque swing when things weren't going his way during a PGA event.

We guess Peterson just wanted his ball to get in its home.

The American was in last place after three rounds of the CIMB Classic in 2015, so on Sunday he did what we all must do when frustrated: channel the Adam Sandler within.

He placed his ball on the tee, took several steps back, then rushed forward and in one swift movement, walloped the ball down the fairway to the delight of the watching crowd.

What a hero. Even better, the unusual tee shot at the 10th was part of a change in fortune for Peterson.

He shot 66 for the day - eight strokes better than he'd managed on any of the three days before. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to get him out out of last place, as Adam Scott won the event in Malaysia and picked up a $7 million prize.

Peterson did manage to avoid a fine for his actions and told the Golf Channel what his thinking was.

"I spoke with [Andy Pazder, the Tour's executive vice president and chief of operations] twice and explained I was just trying to get 20 more yards [out of the tee shot]," Peterson said.

Copying the Gilmore technique is something the 31-year-old has done for years - and it's landed him in hot water in the past.

"My mom pulled me off the course after that," he joked.


Well, we just hope whatever Peterson earned came on a giant cardboard cheque. Also, that he's learned his lesson, has hired Carl Weathers as his coach and now takes a full Gilmore run-up every time he drives.

Hopefully see you at the 2021 British Open, John!

Featured Image Credit: PGA

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