Baby Becomes Rocky Balboa As He Watches Rocky Film

Tom Wood

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Rocky Balboa might be the greatest boxer to ever roam the earth but he'll soon be overtaken by one baby who is set for superstardom inside the ring.

It's important for young children to keep as fit as possible. Whether that be sending them to a kid's sports team, encouraging them to spend less time in front of a screen playing in the garden, or - I don't know - learning the entire training routine from Rocky?

Wait, what?

Yes, you heard. That's exactly what one young baby - either on his own or with some encouragement from his Sly Stallone loving parents - has gone and done.

The video has been doing the rounds online and has been watching millions of times.

It shows the young kid, who is still young enough to be in nappies, sat in front of the classic boxing movie, which won three Academy Awards, including Best Picture, after it was released in 1976.

Credit: United Artists

Of course, he's not just sitting though. As Rocky Balboa starts to go through the moves of the classic training montage, the youngster goes through all the motions along with the film's eponymous hero.

He's got the press ups - admittedly, he has to use two hands, whereas Rocky only uses one, but he's young - he's got the 'whacking stuff with a hammer' action, hell, he's even got the trademark 'jump on the spot with both arms in the air' move.

Not 100 percent sure whether or not it's a good idea to have a young child imitating climbing a pylon, but whatever.

Anyway, this kid has not only got more motivation and determination than most of us, but probably better form too.

In a couple of years, he'll be able to get hold of some actual weights, a skipping rope, and some medicine balls, until then, this is probably the best start that he could possibly have.

Hell, there might even be a movie role in it for him some day.

Given that the Rocky franchise doesn't show any signs of slowing down - Creed 2 will be out on November 21st this year.

That presumably means that by about Creed 15 he'll be able to take up his role alongside Michael B. Jordan's Donnie Creed, who by that stage will be a gristly ex-champ who will take him up from the mean streets and train him to heavyweight glory.

Either that, or we just need to find a miniature Apollo Creed, or a tiny Ivan Drago, and we've got the biggest draw in baby boxing on our hands.

Or perhaps we could just watch the video and enjoy a baby having fun watching his favourite movie.

Actually, let's do that.

Featured Image Credit: Denis Liebau

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