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WATCH: One Of The Craziest Own Goals You'll Ever See

WATCH: One Of The Craziest Own Goals You'll Ever See

There's something aeshetically pleasing about a player putting the ball through his own net, especially when it's a cracker of an own goal.

As good as 30-yard screamers, delicately chipped finishes or curling free-kicks are, nothing comes close to a player accidentally slicing the ball into his own net. Richard Dunne and Jamie Carragher were the two masters of own goals, perfecting an art that is regularly seen up and down the country on the dogshit-filled Sunday League pitches.

But a new contender for the 'King of Own Goals' crown has emerged.

In the unmissable mid-table clash between Obolon Brovar and Bukovyna in the second tier of Ukranian football, we were treated to an own goal that both Dunne and Carragher would have been proud of scoring.


Watch it here:

Just yesterday, the meeting between the sides, currently occupying 10th and 13th in the second division in Ukraine, was settled by a bizarre own goal from Igor Boychuk.

In the 87th minute, with the scores 0-0, the hosts were on the attack following some nifty play down the left flank that led to an opening.

Forgive me for not knowing the player's name as I can't claim to be a Ukranian second tier football enthuasist, but the winger does incredibly well to go down the outside of the full-back before darting into the box, where his cross-cum-shot could only be parried into danger by the goalkeeper.


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Fortunately though, a defender, Boychuk, would appear to be in a decent position to mop up after the spillage. He was alert to the danger and only had to clear the ball to safety.

Yet somehow, he leathered the ball past his goalkeeper from point blank range. While you don't want to take any risks so close to your own goal, Boychuk would appear to have enough time to react and clear the ball away from safety with either his left or right foot, and avoid walloping the ball past his own goalkeeper.

I genuinely have no logical explanation for how he's managed that. It's not as though it's one of those situations where the players is under pressure and a slight nudge from the attacker throws him off-balance and the ball naturally trickles into the net. In this instance, he's absolutely leathered it.


The 21-year old falls to his knees after costing his team the game but the way he scores the goal, when he seemingly has no reason to hit the ball in the direction it goes in, fuels the possibility of a bit of match-fixing taking place.

What do you reckon? Think you've scored a better own goal?

Let us know in the comments.

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