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The Story Behind What Erling Haaland And Sevilla Goalkeeper Said To Each Other

The Story Behind What Erling Haaland And Sevilla Goalkeeper Said To Each Other

There's an interesting story around what was said during Borussia Dortmund's Champions League win over Sevilla on Tuesday night.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

Erling Haaland had no idea what he'd shouted at Sevilla goalkeeper Yassine Bounou, after scoring a penalty on Tuesday night, but it's now all been explained.

Dortmund drew 2-2 against the Spanish side to make it through to the Champions League quarter finals, winning 5-4 on aggregate, and there was plenty of controversy around their second goal.

Haaland thought he'd scored his second of the night only for VAR to rule it out but then award him a penalty for an incident a minute before the harshly disallowed goal.

Bono, as he's known, saved the penalty but it had to be retaken, with the Sevilla keeper leaving his line too early, and Haaland blasted in the retake, screaming at the Moroccan.

After the match the Norwegian was asked what he'd said, simply saying, "I don't want to say. I don't know what it means but I said what he said after I missed the first one."

According to Colombian journalist Juan Sebastian Perez on Twitter, the Sevilla number one shouted 'Kiricocho' as the Dortmund striker took the penalty.

According to Perez, Kiricocho was the name of a die hard Estudiantes fan in Argentina in the 1980s and would even go and watch them train.

Estudiantes manager Carlos Bilardo reckoned that whenever the fan turned up to training one of his players would get injured and was very superstitious.

However, instead of getting rid of Kiricocho, the manager hired him and got the fan to 'welcome' arriving away teams to the ground.

In 1982, with the fan welcome the away teams, Estudiantes won the league and lost only once at home. That game came against Boca, with Kiricocho not at at the game.

Bilardo went to Sevilla in 1992 without his lucky charm but the legend became well known and fans began shouting it when they wished ill fortune on the opposition, like at penalties.

Haaland scores his second attempt. Image: PA Images
Haaland scores his second attempt. Image: PA Images

That's why Bono shouted it before Haaland had his effort saved, and the rebound, and why Haaland had no idea what he was saying but chose to repeat it after scoring.

Unsurprisingly the 20-year-old had no sympathy for his opponent, ruthlessly saying the keeper 'cheated' by coming off his line.

Featured Image Credit: PA/BT Sport

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