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Gary Neville Says Jose Mourinho And Daniel Levy Are In A 'Marriage Of Convenience'

Gary Neville Says Jose Mourinho And Daniel Levy Are In A 'Marriage Of Convenience'

The Sky Sports pundit thinks that both sides will have a 'prenuptial' in place to make sure everything goes smoothly at Spurs.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

Gary Neville doesn't think Jose Mourinho wants to be at Spurs or that Daniel Levy wants his new manager, calling the whole thing a 'marriage of convenience.'

Last week Spurs followed up the shock of sacking Mauricio Pochettino with the shock of appointing Mourinho has his replacement, after 11 months out of the game for the new man.

Things started well for the north London club under their new manager, with a 3-2 win over West Ham on Saturday, but Gary Neville has questioned whether anyone involved will be happy with the appointment.

Neville was on Monday Night Football talking about Daniel Levy's appointment, and why it happened, "I think this is to protect finances, to protect revenue. This is the new stadium. This is the fact the team are half falling apart a little bit in terms of contracts running out and a little bit of destabilisation of this squad, and trying to keep them together by bringing in a big name manager," the former Manchester United defender said.

"For me this is just an absolute bridge for Daniel Levy, it's a bridge for Jose Mourinho. Jose Mourinho needed to get back into the Premier League, to reset himself, to re establish himself, he wanted to be in London. Daniel Levy needed someone would get the football club quickly back into a level that is acceptable into the Champions League. This is a marriage of convenience."

Continuing on the marriage theme the Sky Sports pundit explained that both sides will have certain things written into the contract, adding, "This has got prenuptial written all over it like you would not believe. They are using each other. I think it's a hard cold conversation between two men who respect where each other is at, but probably never saw each other working for each other and essentially they're using each other for a bridge to where they need to be.

"Jose wants to be back at the elite of European football winning trophies, Daniel Levy in the CL and keep his players that he's already got.

"I'm delighted to see Jose back in the Premier League, I think he's lit up the Premier League for 20 years. I never bought into this 'he's a spent force' when he was at Manchester United. There were a lot of things that were deciding factors in that. I'm interested to see how it goes. I think the contract will be that detailed around what he has to do and what if he does what he'll get, and what he doesn't what he won't get, I think ultimately both will have protected themselves."

Mourinho had previously said he would never manage Spurs and one of Pochettino's complaints before being sacked was that Levy didn't give him the funds to really rejuvenate his team, something the former Real Madrid boss will surely want too.

Neville may well have a point, but no one will care if this marriage works out and there's soon the pitter patter of silverware at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

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