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Galatasaray Offer Former Player Emmanuel Eboue A Job

Galatasaray Offer Former Player Emmanuel Eboue A Job

Christmas is supposed to be a time of merriment but on Christmas Eve it was revealed that former Arsenal full-back was having suicidal thoughts and struggling financially after problems in his personal life. Now Galatasaray have offered him a job.

In a frank interview with the Mirror former Arsenal full-back Emmanuel Eboue revealed that despite making plenty of money in his time as a footballer he was near penniless, running from bailiffs and sleeping on a friend's couch.


It all came from his messy divorce where is wife got all of his assets but to add to his woes the Ivorian has not seen his kids since June.

Eboue in happier times at the African Cup of Nations. Image: PA Images.

Speaking about his financial problems the defender said, "I can't afford the money to continue to have any lawyer or barrister. I am in the house but I am scared. Because I don't know what time the police will come."

However Christmas is all about goodwill to all men and Eboue's former club Galatasaray have offered a hand to the 34 year old.


According to CNN Turkey the club have offered Eboue the chance to become the team's under 14 assistant manager.

Manager Fatih Terim was asked about his former players situation and said, "We heard news about Eboue in the dressing room, I was informed there, we will do whatever."

Scoring against Blackpool. Image: PA Images.

The former player spoke to the newspaper about the role offer saying, "I would be very happy if Fatih gave me the duty in Galatasaray. Fatih Terim is my father, I love him very much, I do everything for him because I love him very much."

Eboue has also recently had to deal with the death of his grandfather, the man who raised him, as well as his brother, who was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Scoring in the Champions League. Image: PA Images.

Talking in the initial interview about his suicidal thoughts the two time Super Lig winner said, "I want God to help me. Only he can help take these thoughts from my mind."

We wish Eboue all the luck getting back on his feet!

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Galatasaray Offer Former Player Emmanuel Eboue A Job

Galatasaray Offer Former Player Emmanuel Eboue A Job

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