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Someone Has Invented The 'Flip-Flap Chip' Skill Move And It's Blowing People's Minds

Someone Has Invented The 'Flip-Flap Chip' Skill Move And It's Blowing People's Minds

A video of a five-a-side player doing a flip-flap over an opponent's head has gone viral, and it's absolutely perfectly executed.

There are certain moments in football that makes you say 'how the hell did he do that?!' and one five-a-side players little piece of magic has done that to us.

The player receives the ball just outside the area, with a defender in front of him, flip-flaps it over his head and manges to connect with the perfect volley into the opposite corner.


The goal comes from Sunday League team South East Dons, who play in South London and their YouTube channel, which we should all probably subscribe to if this is the kind of content, is hosted by UK Rap / Grime Artist Don Strapzy.

The club's statement says, "We are a Family Club & have built up the best Sunday League Fanbase in the World."

Unfortunately for the scorer of the goal if his five-a-side pitch had VAR in action then the goal would be disallowed because, as several commenters pointed out, the ball goes over board, or head, height so it's a free-kick to the defending team.


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However people on social media were generally impressed, one fan tweeted, "That has to be the rudest skill I have ever seen! On God."

Another said, "These people have jobs to go to come on." A third simply added, "Lord, have mercy," and a fourth person replied "Bro!!! Lmao which kind snake bite! he ruined that guy !!"

Kaka was recently spotted in London playing a spot of weekend football himself when the former Ballon d'Or winner took part in a seven-a-side game in London.


The video of the Brazilian playing went viral after one of his teammates on the day told the World Cup winner to cut the ball back into the middle.

Obviously the 37-year-old ignored the advice and decided to go it himself and scored.

Speaking to SPORTbible Abdullahi Ali Aden, who told the former Real Madrid man to cut the ball back, said, "We're on a counter attack, I give him the ball and he glides with the ball majestically as he does. I thought I'd take a player or two out the game to give him a bit more space but I never thought 'Cut back' to the Ballon d'Or winner Kaka was going to cause such a stir.

"Really and truly, as much as I love him and the fact I spent hours watching him on a flatback computer aged 11, he's still a footballer and I am on his team. So if he doesn't have the best chance to score, I will let him know!

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