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Sergio Reguilon Explains Heroic Actions In Helping Newcastle Fan Who Collapsed In The Stands

Sergio Reguilon Explains Heroic Actions In Helping Newcastle Fan Who Collapsed In The Stands

Sergio Reguilon immediately alerted the referee and told him to halt the game.

Spurs left-back Sergio Reguilon revealed he told the referee to stop the game as he explained his heroics at St James' Park.

At the end of the first half, the game between Newcastle and Spurs was halted due to a medical emergency.

It later emerged that a fan had collapsed and was taken to a local hospital after being stabilised.

But the quick thinking from Reguilon was absolutely crucial. With it happening in the East Stand on the left side he was playing on, the former Sevilla man alerted referee Andre Marriner as Spurs prepared to take a corner.

"We heard the fans screaming,” Reguilon told Sky Sports.

“I saw one guy lying down and was very nervous. I went to the referee and said ‘we have to stop, we cannot play like this’.

“Now, I think he is okay? That is more important than anything.”

Upon returning to the pitch to play out the final minutes of the half after the players were taken off the pitch, Reguilon was loudly applauded by the Newcastle fans in a wonderful moment.

He deserves enormous credit for his heroic actions and so too does teammate Eric Dier, with the two named as the joint Men of the Match.

Once he realised something was wrong, Dier sprinted across to the other side of the pitch and and hurriedly demanded the medic take a defibrillator over.

Commenting on the scary situation, Harry Kane added: “First and foremost best wishes to the guy in the stands, obviously not a good sight to see but we hear that he might be stable now, so we’re thankful to the emergency teams, the fans who were doing CPR, hopefully he’s okay and we wish him all the best from Tottenham.

“I think from our point of view we know there are defibs on the side of the bench obviously we don’t know if they have that in the stands.

“I think Eric went over just to ask if they’ve got one, it was devastating to see we wish him all the best and the fans to see that, from our point of view hope everyone’s okay.”

Fortunately, the latest update is that the individual who took ill is awake and responsive in hospital.

Featured Image Credit: Image: PA & Sky Sports

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