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Roy Keane And Wayne Rooney Once Had An Argument Over The X-Factor

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Roy Keane And Wayne Rooney Once Had An Argument Over The X-Factor

Roy Keane and Wayne Rooney were both pretty combustible people in their time playing football, but the former Manchester United duo's only fight was about the X-Factor not football.


These days Keane can be heard slagging off any number of players, especially Harry Maguire at the moment, during his punditry on Sky Sports and ITV.

Aside from his sharp tongue, the Irishman's persona has been softened somewhat due to his partnership with former Manchester City defender Mich Richards.


On the pitch though, things could get pretty nasty when Keane was involved and the central midfielder loved a scrap and an argument, which is why referee's found him annoying, and it often spilled out into the dressing room with his own teammates.

Rooney too was well known for being able to hand out the verbals, even at a young age, so you might have thought the two clashed a lot in the short time they overlapped at United.

Keane and Rooney weren't at United together for too long. Image: PA Images
Keane and Rooney weren't at United together for too long. Image: PA Images

However, as Rooney revealed on Sky Sports a number of years ago, they only argued once and it was on an away trip to Newcastle and it was all down to ITV's talent show.


"I always remember my first away trip, having that argument with Roy Keane," Rooney said on Sky Sports.

"We were watching the rugby before we were playing Newcastle United away and he went to get some food, so I put the X Factor on and I hid the remote.

"He wasn't happy about it and we had an argument. But I think straightaway, he respected me more for standing up to him. He looked at me, and he respected me that day for being big enough to have a go back at him."


Whilst often in these situations we have to take one person's word for it, this is one of those stories when we have both player's side to listen to.

Writing in his second autobiography, the Second Half, the former Ipswich Town manager revealed that the pair had 'clashed' over the tv remote and he ended up having to watch the rugby elsewhere.

"The only time I had a disagreement with Wayne, it had nothing to do with a pass he should have given me, or a tactical switch," Keane wrote in his book.

"We were in a hotel, the Friday night before a game - I forget where. The team would always sit down and have a meal together, at about seven in the evening.

Keane could certainly get heated. Image: PA Images
Keane could certainly get heated. Image: PA Images

"There was a big TV in the room. I was into rugby league, and there was a big game on. I went to the toilet, came back and someone had changed the channel to something else - something stupid, I can't remember what it was.

"A few of the players were sitting there, giggling away.

"I said, 'Where's the rugby league?' I knew Wayne was up to something. I could tell by his face.


"I said, 'Where's the remote control?' He said, 'I don't know.' I said, 'You fuckin' do.'

"I didn't exactly storm out, but I couldn't be bothered trying to get the remote control back, so I decided I'd watch the rest of the match up in my room."

If the United captain didn't respect Rooney for the prank itself then the following day he must have approved of the then teenager's gumption, as the former Everton man had the testicular fortitude to approach Keane about the prank.

"I came down the next morning for the pre-match meal and, obviously, I'm very good at letting things go - and Wayne was brave enough to come up to me. 'Did you ever find the remote control, Roy?' I think I told him to go and fuck himself."

Featured Image Credit: PA/Sky Sports

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