Benjamin Mendy Brilliantly Replies To Donald Trump's Criticism Of France

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Benjamin Mendy Brilliantly Replies To Donald Trump's Criticism Of France

There's not many people Donald Trump won't have a go at, especially if the US President feels he's been slighted in any way, so we're looking forward to him coming for Benjamin Mendy, and no doubt losing.

From berating and belittling journalists for daring to ask questions to having full on Twitter rants about actors who aren't too keen on him there isn't anyone Donald Trump won't take time out of his day to tweet about, something you wouldn't expect to have to say about the most powerful man on the planet.

Trump visited France on Armistice Day and a comment by his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, about rejecting nationalism and it being a 'betrayal of patriotism' seemed to irk the man previously famous for being the head honcho on the American Apprentice.

The American then did his usual and took to Twitter, like a real grown up, to have a pop at Macron and France in general:


But if Trump thinks he's really really good at Twitter, like the best at social media and everyone loves his 140 character input, well he's wrong.

Never was he going to get one over on France when it comes to social media when they have the king of footballing twitter on their team in Manchester City's Benjamin Mendy. Having won the World Cup last summer the full back had the perfect two star riposte:


Having only previously won the World Cup in their home country 20 years ago, and been rather up and down at the tournament since, Mendy and his teammates did make France great again in Russia.


Now that Mendy's replied we can only hope for a feud to begin leading to some sort of replay of Trump and Vince McMahon's hair vs hair match from Wrestlemania 23 with the finish being Paul Pogba giving the president a new 'do after failed interference from Graeme Souness.


The possibilities are endless!

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