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Dad Transforms Back Garden Into Amazing Football Pitch For His Son

Dad Transforms Back Garden Into Amazing Football Pitch For His Son

Manchester City season ticket holder Paul Smith gave his son a present he will never, ever forget.

In the days leading up his fifth birthday, the 42-year-old decided to create an incredible mini-football pitch in his back garden alongside other members of the family.

I'm suddenly overcome with jealousy after we spoke to Paul earlier today:


"My son James is mad on football and for his fifth birthday, I thought it would be great to mark out a football pitch on our back garden for him." he told SPORTbible.

It might surprise you that Paul's handy work wasn't expensive in the slightest. It cost him under £15 for six cans of line marker.

"The pitch took me, my dad and wife about two hours to complete all together." he said.


"The only cost was the line marker, which was £15 for six cans. In total, the pitch took five cans to mark out."

"My son loved it. He Is playing on it constantly." he said. "The only problem we have now is his mates are always round our house!"

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This isn't the first time someone has decided to replicate a football pitch in their back yard.


A Liverpool supporter went to the lengths of spray painting his own garden to look like Anfield. From the famous club emblem to the bold red colouring.

He even went as far as filming his Mum's reaction when she first clasped eyes on the masterpiece and it's absolutely priceless viewing.

"Whilst my mum was away she told me to re-paint the back garden, so I painted Anfield..." he wrote.


"You'll Never Walk Alone" booming out in the background just makes it, for me.

Who needs a football pitch in their back garden?

Let them know in the comments.

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