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Ronaldo's Instagram Live Featured David Beckham, Luis Figo, Iker Casillas And Roberto Carlos

Ronaldo's Instagram Live Featured David Beckham, Luis Figo, Iker Casillas And Roberto Carlos

Ronaldo 'R9' Nazario got the Galácticos back together on Wednesday night in one of the most star-studded Instagram live's of all time.

It was a very Real Madrid orientated theme for the majority of the one hour chat, as the Brazilian forward spoke to Roberto Carlos, David Beckham, Luis Figo and Iker Casillas.


The chat that drew the biggest crowd was, of course, Ronaldo's brilliant conversation with David Beckham.

"If Brazil could have taken any foreigner to play for the national team, definitely Beckham, one of the best CM of all-time." Ronaldo told Becks.

"For me, you were one of the best of all time in the centre, the way you touch the ball, could put the ball wherever you want, and without looking at me the ball would come.

"I should thank you for many balls you gave to me. You were amazing."


Beckham was also very complimentary about his former teammate, and described what it was like when he first walked in the Los Blancos dressing room.

"When I moved from Manchester and I had been there my whole life, to move to Madrid was a big move for me." Beckham said in the Instagram live.

"One of the first people that I ever saw was you, when you walked into the changing room it made me feel comfortable to be at the club.

"I remember you turning around to me and saying that the Brazil squad believed that if there was any English player that could play in the Brazilian team it would be me, but I never believed you!

"Because Brazilian players are the best players! You know that."

Away from the chat between Ronaldo and Beckham, the Brazilian spoke to several other former teammates, including Luis Figo.

"We had the chance to bring talent together (at Madrid) and also some very humble people," Figo said.

"All the time we spent together was special, all that allowed us to win. Despite being such well-known players, each one knew what to do and how he had to work.

"That allowed us to have so many good moments."

Ronaldo beamed of his time at the Bernabeu. "I was happy training with you and the others," he continued.

"We couldn't win everything. Football is like that and it's also the beautiful thing about football."

Image: PA
Image: PA

Ronaldo's chat with Roberto Carlos also went down a hit. "I remember it with lots of fondness, it was fantastic that we all coincided." Carlos said.

Meanwhile the conversation with Casillas, who was last in the line-up, brought up the topic of the Spanish goalkeeper's heart attack.

"My heart attack was a tremendous shock," Casillas told Ronaldo.

"I was lucky that it happened on the training pitch and that was what saved my life. I will always be grateful to the doctors.

"If it'd happened to me anywhere else, I'm sure that I wouldn't be here speaking to you now."

Image: PA
Image: PA

If you want to watch the full Instagram live, the official video from Marca is below.

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