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There's A Petition To Save FIFA 20 Career Mode And It Has Almost 5,000 Signatures

There's A Petition To Save FIFA 20 Career Mode And It Has Almost 5,000 Signatures

One of the big complaints about the game is its career mode.

Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare

Thousands of gamers have signed an online petition to save FIFA 20's career mode as the #FixCareerMode tag continues to trend on social media.

The popular game mode has been plagued with bugs since the official release date on September 27, including spelling mistakes, broken leagues, inconsistent AI team selection and bizarre press conference questions.

Not to mention 75 game seasons, fixture congestion and player heights being limited to 6ft 2inches.

EA Sports have recently acknowledged that there are issues in game during a FIFA forum session, and confirmed they are planning to launch a number of fixes in their next update.

But people are still signing a petition set up on Change.Org to save career mode, demanding an apology in the meantime.

"How can EA Sports be allowed to release an Broken Product?" wrote petition creator Matt FCG.

'One of the ORIGINAL and most popular game modes is completely broken and in an unplayable state. Career Mode Players have already had to resort to social media to get #FixCareerMode Trending across the world.

:Sign this Petition to create awareness to be passed on to both EA Sports and Trading Standards."

Image: Change.Org
Image: Change.Org

As mentioned earlier, FIFA have issued a statement suggesting they will make amendments to the current mode.

Gabriel Zaro, EA Community Manager, said: "The team is currently working to investigate community concerns and are looking to address them in future Title Updates."

Thoughts on the new FIFA 20 career mode?

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