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How Much Each Team Earned From Their Premier League Season

How Much Each Team Earned From Their Premier League Season

So the Premier League season is over and soon the weekends will be free of football and we won't know what to do with ourselves. But don't worry all the Premier League teams made enough money to keep the transfer business going for years!

The curtain came down with a bit of a whimper in the Premier League yesterday. Sure there was enough goals to go around but the moment Georginio Wijnaldum put Liverpool 1-0 up there really was nothing to play for.

Coutinho's goal killed off any hope of a dramatic final day of the season. Image: PA


In all there was 37 goals on offer across all the games and only Middlesbrough, Crystal Palace and Watford failed to find the back of the net at least once, even Sunderland managed a goal.

But with Chelsea already champions and the Black Cats, Boro and Hull City already down the only thing left to play for was the final Champions League spot and once Wijnaldum scored there was no way Liverpool were dropping the points they needed to in order for Arsenal to overtake them.

However a very select few people there was still a lot on offer, football clubs' bank managers were very interested to know where the midfield of teams were going to finish.


Kane's hat-trick in a 7-1 win contributed to an average of 3.7 goals per game on Sunday. Image: PA

The higher up the league the more cash you make but of course this isn't the only way the clubs make money as Spurs place on the money list shows. Mauricio Pochettino's team finished second in the league but only joint third on the money list because of the amount of times they were on TV.

1. Chelsea- £152.8 million

2. Manchester City- £149 million


3. Tottenham Hotspur- £148.1 million

=. Liverpool- £148.1 million

5. Manchester United- £143.3 million

6. Arsenal- £142.4 million


7. Everton- £132.1 million

8. Southampton- £127.3 million

9. Bournemouth- £123.6 million

10. West Ham- £121.6 million


11. Leicester City- £120.7 million

12. West Brom- £119.8 million

13. Crystal Palace- £115 million

14. Stoke City- £113.4 million

15. Swansea City- £109.4 million

16. Watford- £108.4 million

17. Burnley- £107.5 million

18. Middlesbrough- £104.6 million

19. Hull City- £103.7 million

20. Sunderland- £99.9 million

Conte thinking about all that money he can spend. Image: PA

On average that mean teams in the Premier League earned themselves £124.5 million last season or £2,490,700,000 all together, which are sums you just can't even contemplate!

Liverpool made the most from TV money being £31.4 million by being on a record amount on your screens. They were live on either Sky or BT a massive 29 times during the season.

Ryan Sidle

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