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Commentator Explains How To Pronounce Premier League Players' Names

Commentator Explains How To Pronounce Premier League Players' Names

Fans aren't always getting the names right, even if some people think they should just be pronounced in the 'English' way.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

Commentators don't get everything right but they're more likely to get the pronunciation of a players name right than we are, and that's because, as once commentator explained, they get all the info before the season.

Recently there was a discussion on social media, thanks to controversial radio presenter Adrian Durham, about how to pronounce certain players names.

Whilst most of think we know how BT Sports commentator Danny Jamieson has tweeted an excellent thread on how to actually pronounce some Premier League players' names, also explaining that all the players record how to do so before the season starts.

Often the likes of Paul Merson, Charlie Nicholas and Chris Kamara are often making mistakes with players name on Sky Sports' Soccer Saturday but it's clear that they should be sitting down and watching the same video as Jamieson.

What's the one thing you can't stand commentators doing?

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