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When Cristiano Ronaldo Raced A Bugatti Veyron In A Brilliant Nike Advert

When Cristiano Ronaldo Raced A Bugatti Veyron In A Brilliant Nike Advert

"Machine vs. Man, football star vs. road legend."

Throwback to 2008 when Nike dropped an outrageous advert starring Cristiano Ronaldo who raced a Bugatti Veyron 'somewhere outside of Manchester'.


Ronaldo's career was in full-swing, scoring goals at an alarming rate for United before ultimately sealing a transfer to Real Madrid.

He enjoyed three prolific seasons in England between 2006 to 2009, terrifying defenders with his blistering speed.

Not many, if any, could match him for pace. So, Nike decided to pair him up with a Bugatti. Just a Veyron.

Ronaldo, donning a pair of gorgeous Mercurial Vapor's, pipped the super-car in a race.


While we're on the subject of stunning Nike adverts, lets cast our mind back to Brazil doing bits in an airport.

Who could forget this classic?!

Brazil had won the World Cup four years previously, so expectation was high before the tournament. The fact that Ronaldo was already a two time World Player of the Year despite only being 21 just summed up the countries immense talents.

And to celebrate their samba style of play, Nike released an absolute classic.

Sit back, relax and let the good times roll.

The above commercial helped them stand out among the rest. Unfortunately, it didn't help this time around.

Nike pulled off another brilliant advert from Coutinho nutmegging Willian to Ronaldo trying to redeem himself at the airport.

There's nothing more wonderfully nostalgic than the 1998 Brazil side, so this definitely wet the appetite ahead of this summer's tournament.

Now, let's go back in the time to the year 2002 and remember when the world's best came face to face with a bunch of Sumo wrestlers for a truly iconic commercial.

The classic Pepsi advert starred the likes of David Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Raul and Gianluigi Buffon, as many recall it as one of the greatest ever.

Both camps go head to head in a Japanese training camp and well, the rest is history. From sumo overhead kicks to sumo Jurgen Klinsmann celebrations, Pepsi pulled this one out of the bag, 16 years ago.

They don't make adverts like they used to.

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