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When Lightning And Alien Abduction Was A Thing On FIFA 2000

When Lightning And Alien Abduction Was A Thing On FIFA 2000

Incredible scenes back in FIFA 2000..

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

Long before the conspiracy theory of the top secret Area 51 base in Nevada having aliens gathered pace, EA Sports had a crazy feature in FIFA 2000 whereby UFOs would come onto the pitch and abduct players.

There was no literally no LOGICAL reason as to why 'Alien mode' was a thing, but it sure made for some good fun when the cheat code was activated and aliens swooped down to take your left winger as he tried to scamper away.

In a nutshell, you'd press "dizzy" in the cheat menu and then you'd have a big old spaceship flying around the stadium for your game.

Then, one of your players would be zapped and abducted during the game and no longer on the playing field for the rest of th fixture.

In addition to the aliens, there was also a cheat that would enable your players to be struck by lightning if you typed in "sizzle" on the menu. It really was a far cry from the football games of today's world.

But that wasn't all. You might remember that despite EA Sports not having any lower league teams at this point, they included third tier Port Vale in the game as a playable team.

The reason being? EA asked Robbie Williams, one of the best-selling artists of all-time and a big Vale fan, to use his song "It's Only Us" as the soundtrack and that was the condition he provided.

Konami continued the football video game absurdity years later when PES games contained cheat codes that would allow players to wear penguin suits among other bizarre animal attires.

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