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The Time An Egyptian Goalkeeper Saved Outside The Box And Got Off With It

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The Time An Egyptian Goalkeeper Saved Outside The Box And Got Off With It

When it comes to the greatest moments in football history, I'm not sure we are ever topping the time an Egyptian goalkeeper just completely forgot the rules of the game.

It was an Egyptian Premier League game and the scores was 1-1 heading into the final minutes when the man between the sticks charged out of his box and then after completely misjudging the flight of the ball, clearly handled the ball when he saved the half volley from the striker.

Of course it's basic football knowledge to know the 'keeper can only use his hands in his box and so he should have been given his marching orders there and then because he was miles out.


Yet incredibly, the referee completely misses it and the game continues. What's even crazier though, is the fact no player even bats an eyelid when it comes to appealing despite the handball being clear as day.

The goalie's basically playing FIFA 'No Rules' mode in real life.

Very poor officiating from the man in the middle, but at least he didn't wallop the ball in the net - which is exactly what one ref did in a game when he got bored.

Sometimes officials must get the urge to go into business for themselves - whether it be by tackling a player, nutmegging them or even smashing one into the top bins.


And over in Russia, in a game back in February 2016, one ref had enough. When he received a backheel on the edge of the box, he proceeded to smash a stunning strike into the top corner.

Again, like with the Egyptian game, the opposition players, apart from a couple, don't seem to protest too much so maybe the referee has a knack of doing it and it's not really a surprise anymore?


Either way, we can't not appreciate him just suddenly whacking one into the top bins and then blowing his whistle to signal a goal.

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Josh Lawless
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